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Welcome to our detailed HTML formatted review of the captivating casino game Bounding Luck, provided by the renowned gaming software provider, Betsoft, and hosted by Shazam Casino. Bounding Luck boasts a unique and captivating theme, enthralling gameplay, generous bonus features, and much more guaranteed to entertain and reward players.


The game of Bounding Luck from Betsoft plunges you into an enchanting world of mystique and awe. The theme is extremely engaging; it creatively blends elements of the ancient orient with a modernistic, graphical finish. With stunning animation and vibrant colors, this casino game delivers an immersive experience quite unlike any others on the market.

The game's interface exudes an aura of luxury and affluence, with a backdrop studded with gold elements and jewels, reminiscent of a treasure cave. Coupled with the stellar audio-visual effects employed by Betsoft, Bounding Luck undoubtedly sets a stunning stage for your winning luck to bound and rebound.


Binding its enchanting theme with an equally appealing gameplay, Bounding Luck offers an intuitive interface that's easy for beginners to grasp and equally thrilling for seasoned players. Your experience with the game begins with a clearly laid out Betsoft-standard control panel, allowing you to adjust your bet size and choose the number of paylines to bet on.

The aim of the game is straightforward: line up matching symbols on the paylines to win. The symbols are intrinsically designed, reflecting the rich oriental theme. Each symbol has a unique payout, with the golden dragon being the highest-paying symbol.

Bounding Luck also incorporates an auto-play feature, allowing you to sit back and watch your luck bound forth without needing to manually click the Spin button after every round.

Bonus Features

To significantly increase your winning potential, Bounding Luck, courtesy of Betsoft, incorporates several rewarding bonus features:

  • Free Spin Rounds: By landing three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, you trigger the much-anticipated Free Spin rounds. This bonus feature can lead to excellent payouts without having to stake any additional credits.
  • Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol 'Wheel of Fortune' replaces any other symbol in a payline, except for the Scatter symbols, significantly enhancing your chances of lining up a winning payline.
  • Bonus Multiplier: Lastly, a bonus multiplier feature amplifies your winnings even further. The Wheel of Fortune not only serves as a Wild symbol but also as a multiplier. When it is part of a winning combination, it can multiply your winnings by up to 7x, depending on where the wheel stops.


Bounding Luck, presented by Betsoft at the Shazam Casino, is a captivating blend of robust graphics, smooth gameplay, and enticing bonus features that deliver an exhilarating casino adventure to its players. It is a perfect choice for both inexperienced players wanting simplicity and high-rollers seeking a thrilling, high-potential payout game.

The captivating oriental theme, intuitive gameplay, and potentially rich bonus features made this game an instant favorite among Betsoft offerings at Shazam Casino. Don't miss out on this seamless gaming experience; bounce on over to Shazam Casino and try your luck with Bounding Luck today!

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