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Responsible Gaming

Cast magic spells and enjoy the Shazam games responsibly!

Shazam Casino is fully committed to supporting a safe and responsible gaming environment. We take the issues of responsible gaming seriously and constantly ensure that each and every player uses our services for entertainment purposes only. We also make everything in our power to offer assistance to anyone with problem gambling issues.

Underage Gambling

Shazam Casino is under no circumstances designed to attract and advertise to minors under the age of 18. We are continuously active in our efforts to firmly and aggressively discourage any attempts by underage gamers to visit our website or use its services.

It is important to mention that it is entirely and totally against the law to gamble if you are under the age of 18!

If you are installing casino software or otherwise playing casino from a computer or mobile device that is potentially accessible by minors, we kindly ask you to take the following steps:

  1. Ensure your computer is protected with a password or install child protection software;
  2. Never leave your children unattended near a computer or a mobile device with the casino software running or when they could potentially access the casino;
  3. Do not allow or encourage anybody under the age of 18 to participate in gambling activity;
  4. Keep your casino account credentials (such as username and password) and credit card information out of reach of children and completely confidential;
  5. Make sure to inform your children of the illegality and potential harm of underage gambling;
  6. Limit the amount of time your children spend on the Internet;
  7. If you know or are aware of anybody under the age of 18 who is registered at Shazam Casino, we urge you to contact us immediately so that we may rectify the situation.

Please check out the following website for more detailed information and further assistance with problem gambling:

Fair Gaming

All games powered by RTG that you can enjoy at Shazam casino are provided to us “as is.” This means that the game rules and RTP (Return to Player ratio) cannot be changed from our side under any circumstances. All Shazam games use RNG (Random Number Generator), and its primary role is to make sure the results of all spins are completely random, not connected to each other, and not rigged. It also ensures that the games cannot be tricked from our or the player’s side in any way. The Shazam Casino games are solely based on luck, and you can really be sure about it!

Prevent Gambling Addiction

As you’re playing with Shazam Casino, we’d like to remind you of the basic rules of responsible gaming, which will help you avoid gambling addiction and errors of judgment related to games of chance. Here they are:

  • Always keep in mind that the purpose of gambling is entertainment only. It is not an investment and shouldn’t be considered as a form of income;
  • The Shazam Casino games are based entirely on chance, powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG). There are no systems, betting methods, or strategies that can ever guarantee you some winnings;
  • Decide how much you’re willing to spend on each online play session and stick to it;
  • Do NOT play with more money than you’re comfortable losing;
  • Make sure to read the rules of each game before playing them.

If you feel that your betting habits are starting to have a negative impact on your life, please stop playing immediately and try to seek help. Please find below some of the most reliable websites which can help you with any gambling-related problems or questions.

If you’re unsure whether your problem is serious enough for professional help, our Customer Support representatives are always here for you to help or assist you with any question.

Account Limits

To ensure you fully enjoy your experience with Shazam Casino, we provide you with an option to set account limits. Setting a deposit limit is an effective way of avoiding or decreasing gambling problems. You may choose to set a limit on the amount you want to deposit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you decide to set a limit, please contact us at [email protected]

Cool-Off and Self-Exclusion

If you wish to take a break from our website, you may request a cool-off option by contacting our Customer Support Department. During a cool-off period, we will temporarily disable your account. That way, even if you want to, you won’t be able to use our services for the period of time set.

If you become concerned about your gambling behavior or feel that your playing habits are starting to develop into a problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support immediately, so that we may take preventive measures, such as offering you a cool-off period or self-exclusion.