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Are you an avid casino gamer searching for a refreshing and engaging game? Look no further than the crazy and fun-filled Cactus Goes Nuts game designed by Dicelab and hosted by the famous Shazam Casino.


With a laugh-out-loud western desert theme, Cactus Goes Nuts sets players for an adventure in the arid landscapes infested with bustling cacti. The game screen is virtually a masterpiece, capturing the beautiful imagery of the desert with excellent graphics and music that gives an authentic Western vibe.

The whimsical and adventurous spirit of the cactus is well depicted in the light-hearted, refreshing and cheeky animations. The cacti, donning cowboy hats or shades and playfully spinning the reels, bring an element of humour and are sure to bring a smile on a player's face. This upbeat theme makes this game not only entertaining but also amusing and engaging. So props to Dicelab for creating such an exciting theme.


Cactus Goes Nuts has an uncomplicated gameplay that is easy to grasp, yet incredibly addicting. The game follows a unique 3x3 grid layout with various cacti as the symbols. Each cactus has its unique value attached, which depends on how many of the same kind the player manages to land in a single spin.

It's all about matching combinations of cacti on the play grid. The combinations can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, depending on the specific cactus symbol. The best part of this game is the unpredictability, as you never know which cactus is going to pull out a stunt and garner some big points for you. Additionally, there is the 'Autoplay' feature, which allows for seamless gaming for an extended period.

Bonus Features

What sets Cactus Goes Nuts apart from many other games is the highly rewarding and fun bonus features that get triggered at different stages of the gameplay. Dicelab has carefully calibrated these bonus features for an immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

  • Nuts Mode: This gets activated when a player lands three same cacti in a row. In this mode, the cacti start spinning, and each spin increases the stake multiplier that in turn enhances the potential payouts.
  • Wild Cactus: The Wild Cactus feature replaces other cacti symbols to create potential winning combinations in favour of the player. It's worth noting that wild cacti come with their multipliers, which can significantly boost the winnings.
  • Free Spin Bonus: This bonus feature is triggered randomly in the game, bestowing players with free spins that can stack up some substantial winnings.


To sum it all, if you are looking for an enthralling gaming experience that is equally light-hearted and engrossing, Dicelab's Cactus Goes Nuts is your perfect choice. The game offered by Shazam Casino is not just about spinning and winning; it's about making the process entertaining and engaging with quirky cacti, captivating animations, and rewarding bonus features.

The amusing theme, easy-to-understand gameplay, and enticing bonus features are worthwhile reasons for both beginners and seasoned casino players, to try the game. Experience the desert like never before with the quirky cacti in Cactus Goes Nuts, and get ready for an exhilarating gaming journey!

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