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Enter the mesmerizing world of circus with the electrifying entrance of Rival's Cirque Du Slots game. This casino game vividly brings to the fore the spellbinding arena of the classic circus, wrapping it within the engaging dynamics of the game. Housed by the renowned Shazam Casino, the Cirque Du Slots is a tempest of told and untold curiosity, enigma, and vibrant excitement.

The eye-catching graphical representation, heart-thumping animations, and tantalizing audible expressions are enough to transport you into a world of midnight circus. Undulating with the rhythm of surprise, thrill, and suspense, the theme boldly stands out among its contemporaries. The integrated symbols, including the circus performers, frilled balls, masks, hats, masks, and rings, add a generous touch to the realistic theme, giving life to the game, and engrossing the players in its thrilling dynamics.


The gameplay of Cirque Du Slots brilliantly wraps up the unpredictability and gripping essence of a classic circus, offering players a fantastic platform to win impressive real money. Offering a standard five reels and 25 pay-lines layout, the game presents numerous opportunities for players to land on winning combinations.

The base game is every bit intriguing as it portrays an impressive range of circus-themed symbols, with each having a distinctive multiplier value. The wild symbol, featuring an Acrobat, can replace any symbol to produce winning lines. Interestingly, during the gameplay, if the wild symbol lands on the third reel, it expands itself that not only boosts your chances of winning but multiplies the winning amount as well.

Bonus Features

The bonus features in Cirque Du Slots stand as a testament to Rival's innovative approach, as it adds an extra zing to the normal gameplay.

  • The thrill multiplies manifold once you land on three or more unicycle icons, launching you into the prospect of free spins. In the ecstatic world of free spins, the wilds expand across the reel and offer players times three multipliers.
  • Adding on to the thrill-, the Clown symbol acts as the scatter and triggers the progression to different acts. Each act presents a different characteristic of the wild symbol. In Act 1, the wilds expand vertically, in act 2, they expand horizontally and vertically, while act 3 allows the wilds to become interactively expanding wilds. This interesting feature adds an intermission feeling to the gameplay and engages the players into the theatrics of the circus.

This game is quintessentially Rival, encashing upon the fantastic features such as the creative representation of wilds, the thrilling opportunity of free spins, the entertaining scatter bonuses, then, inducing more life to the game.


Ultimately, Cirque Du Slots is an enchanting casino game that stands tall on the hallmarks of creativity, reward, thrill, suspense, and surprise. Whether you are a seasoned player or an amateur, this game ensures you experience the raw, all-consuming, captivating world of the circus efficiently blended into the pulsating dynamics of slots. The Shazam Casino brings this exciting venture to your fingertips, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

With immersive gameplay intricately woven with rewarding bonuses, players are every bit intrigued and compelled to explore the hypnotic world of Cirque Du Slots. It's a game that embodies Rival's innovative design philosophy and positions itself as a remarkable entrant in the arena of casino games.

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