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The Coin Spinner game, developed by CQ9, brings a fresh and exciting theme to the online casino industry. This game takes inspiration from the vintage charm of classic coin pusher games found in arcades. The brilliant graphics, fluid animations and vibrant colors, condense the excitement of a bustling casino floor into your personal gaming screen. Coupled with lively background music, CQ9's Coin Spinner game delivers a total entertainment package on Shazam casino. The array of brilliant aesthetic elements incorporated into the game adds a modicum of charm that is sure to captivate every player's attention while adding a fresh spin to the overall casino gaming experience.


The Coin Spinner is a fantastic game of chance that balances betting strategy and luck. The game involves betting coins that push additional coins off a ledge into a payout area. The more coins that fall into the payout area, the higher the returns. The basic game mechanics are simple, but the gameplay is extremely engaging - a hallmark of CQ9 creations.

A player starts by selecting the coin denomination they wish to play with; this can range anywhere between a small stake to high roller preferences. Once the desired denomination is selected, the player releases coins into the game area, where they push against other coins, causing them to fall off the ledge. The falling coins are calculated as wins on the player's side. The strategic aspect of the game revolves around deciding when and where to release the coins, offering a more interactive gaming experience.

  • The Coin Spinner game is compatible with all types of devices: computer, android, or iOS.
  • The game offers an auto-play feature, which allows the system to automate the coin drop strategy for the player.
  • Being a low volatility casino game, Coin Spinner delivers numerous small wins, maintaining a steady excitement level throughout the gameplay.
  • Coin Spinner maintains a generous RTP (Return to Player) of about 96%, adding to its overall appeal.

Bonus Features

Coin Spinner offers multiple bonus features that can significantly enhance your winning potential. The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ round gets triggered when a player drops a special golden token into the payout area. This round allows the player to spin the wheel and win additional prizes ranging from free plays to cash rewards. There's an exciting ‘Jackpot’ feature where if a set of jackpot tokens fall into the payout space, the player has an opportunity to win a hefty jackpot.

Additionally, the game also boasts a ‘Random Coin Feature’ where game-board unlocks random coins, increasing the chances of big wins. These bonus features are what make this game not just a casino game, but a truly engaging and interactive experience. The bonus rounds incorporated in the Coin Spinner game by CQ9 on the Shazam casino eventually amps up the overall gaming experience while offering more opportunities to win.


In conclusion, Coin Spinner by CQ9 presents a fantastic amalgamation of entertainment and winning potential. The unique theme, intuitive gameplay, coupled with multiple bonus features makes it stand out among its counterparts. The game offers a comprehensive gambling experience, promising stratospheric levels of excitement, and commendable rewards. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned bettor, the Coin Spinner game on Shazam casino is an entertaining option worth spinning for. Step up to the action-packed world of Coin Spinner and experience a fresh spin on casino gaming!

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