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The Dragon Ball Dozer game powered by CQ9 sweeps you headlong into the enigmatic and action-packed world of mythical creatures. CQ9 artfully meshes modern gameplay with ancient Oriental mythology, creating a world replete with tantalizing characters from the Dragon Ball series. The vibrant color palette and animated characters ensure an immersive and animated experience that is bound to captivate players of all statures. The graphics are impressive, leading to a visually appealing and attention-grabbing interface at the Shazam Casino.


The Dragon Ball Dozer game is infused with unique features, which makes for a highly engaging slot game. Players are immersed in a thrilling adventure where they interact with iconic Dragon Ball characters. Each spin of the slot drum promises a wealth of entertainment, with the opportunity to win impressive prizes. The five reel game with multiple paylines offers a wide variety of wager options and inviting jackpots for potential winners. The layered structure of the game adds more excitement, ensuring that the players remain engaged throughout their time at the Shazam casino.

  • Know your symbols: Every character from the Dragon Ball series signifies a unique significance in the gameplay, which adds an interesting twist to each spin.
  • Rewarding Paylines: With multiple adjustable paylines, players have abundant chances to score high points and increase their winnings.
  • Reliable interface: The straightforward design of the platform ensures smooth functionality. The gaming mechanisms are easily accessible and user-friendly, enhancing the gaming experience for both newbies and veterans.
  • Fun for all: Designed for both leisurely and strategic players, Dragon Ball Dozer promises an adventure for everyone with its expertly balanced round of volatility and return to player (RTP) percentages.

Bonus Features

To make gameplay even more thrilling, the CQ9's Dragon Ball Dozer game comes packed with exciting bonuses and packages. These features come into play at random or on placing specific combos, leading to a plethora of unexpected rewards. From free spins, cash rewards, to multipliers, the variety of bonuses ensure there is always a new thrill waiting around the corner.

A special feature of Dragon Ball Dozer is the Dragon Ball special event package, which is activated after a certain sequence of symbols. This package provides players with a special set of spins, which increases the chance of landing a hefty sum. These periodic bonus features make the gameplay even more enticing, keeping the adrenaline pumping till the very end.


The Dragon Ball Dozer game at Shazam casino is truly an impressive display of creativity and innovation by CQ9. The combination of engaging graphics, interesting gameplay, and generous bonus features make it a must-try for all casino enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of the Dragon Ball series or an avid slot game player, Dragon Ball Dozer promises to provide an unforgettable gaming experience. Come and step into the world of mystical creatures and captivating adventures, and let Dragon Ball Dozer carve an exciting path towards substantial winnings!

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