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Dragon Pachinko effectively captures the energy and magic of its namesake, Pachinko, a popular arcade game in Japan, yet with an enchanting dragon twist. The game boasts high-quality graphics and compelling sound effects that truly make you feel as though you've stepped into a Japanese game parlor, all while comfortably seated at home or anywhere you prefer. It pairs a traditional Pachinko game model with a vibrant, breathtaking design that features majestic dragons along with oriental symbols and artifacts, creating an immersive and authentic Eastern feel.


The Dragon Pachinko game brilliantly combines simplicity and exhilaration. Like traditional Pachinko, the game involves a player dropping balls into a vertical board filled with pegs. The goal of the game involves the balls falling into certain scoring holes. However, Dragon Pachinko adds a novel modern twist on this by incorporating the following elements:

  • Each round begins with the player pre-determining the trajectory and speed of the ball drop. This element tests player strategy and heightens the excitement with each round.
  • You have the option of placing bets on predictive spots where the ball might land. This not only adds to the gameplay intricacy but can also amplify the potential rewards.
  • All wins are determined by where the ball falls. Each slot is marked with a multiplier that will enhance your win, adding a level of unpredictability and suspense with every drop of the ball.

Bonus Features

While Dragon Pachinko is an exciting game in its own right, CQ9 enhances the experience by incorporating bonus features. CQ9 understands that in the world of online gambling, bonuses can significantly spice up the game, and they deliver in this regard. Some notable bonus features include:

  • Dragon Bonus: This bonus is activated by landing the ball in any of the dragon-marked slots. It offers lucrative multipliers and can substantially increase your winnings.
  • Free Spins: Look out for special slots offering free spins during gameplay. Not only does this extend the fun, but it also gives you extra chances to win.
  • Jackpot Feature: One of the most tantalizing features, the jackpot feature, is triggered randomly during gameplay. This holds the potential for astonishingly high payouts and can turn a regular play session into a euphoric victory.


In conclusion, Dragon Pachinko by CQ9 is a captivating offering within Shazam Casino's game catalog. Its unique blend of a time-honored Pachinko game with modern online gaming elements truly makes it a stand-out experience. The game caters to both traditional casino game enthusiasts and those seeking a fresh, exciting alternative. With its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and generous bonus features, Dragon Pachinko promises an immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

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