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Elementium Spin16 by Saucify, available at Shazam Casino, engages players with its stunning visual design and futuristic theme. The game's artwork transports you through the depths of space and deep into the heart of a vividly vibrant, richly colored universe brimming with dream-like elements, quite fitting considering the name "Elementium". With eye-catching symbols that represent various elements from the periodic table, each with glowing, mesmerizing hues, Elementium Spin16 seduces the senses, merging science and fantasy into one compelling digital platform.

The intense, immersive design is set to an ethereal, hypnotic soundtrack, further upping the exciting atmosphere. The combination of stunning, high-quality graphics and an exciting theme brings to life a thrilling science fiction-like environment that many casino-gamers crave. Shazam Casino's choice in featuring Elementium Spin16 alongside the other games in their repertoire showcases the online gaming platform's commitment to diverse, creative, and visually stunning gaming experiences.


At its core, Elementium Spin16 is a five-reel slot game with ten paylines, bringing in an enticing mix of slots' familiarity with an innovative and interactive interface. What sets Elementium Spin16 apart is Saucify's indispensable Spin16 mechanic, these 'Spin16' feature lets players consciously choose which direction they want the reels to spin - up, down, left, or right. This inventive element offers a new level of interactivity and incentive to the players, giving them increased control and involvement in the gaming outcome.

The game also incorporates multiple coin sizes and a 'Double Your Direction' feature, providing a unique twist not typically found in the standard slot layout. Besides, Elementium Spin16 includes a fantastic auto-play function, ensuring smooth and effortless gaming, especially for those who love to build their strategies and follow the game development thoroughly. With a betting range that can appeal to both budget-sensitive players and high rollers, Elementium Spin16 offers flexibility and extensive replay value.

Bonus Features

  • Wild symbol: The "W" icon acts as the wild symbol, capable of substituting any other symbol to potentially create a winning combination.
  • Scatter and Free Spins: The "Scatter," symbolized by the "Sc" icon, triggers Scatter Payouts and the Free Spins feature when three or more appear on the reels, regardless of their alignment.
  • Spin16 Feature: This signature feature lets players drag and spin the reels in any of the 16 possible directions, up, down, left, or right, giving them more control over the gameplay. Whenever a selected reel spin matches the executed spin, a multiplier is applied to that win.

All in all, the bonus features presented in Elementium Spin16 are impressive and efficient in boosting the gameplay, making it even more entertaining and rewarding for players.


In conclusion, Elementium Spin16 by Saucify, available at Shazam Casino, is a stellar offering that beautifully bridges the gap between familiarity and innovation. Its visually striking, theme-centric design combined with a straightforward yet interactive gameplay makes for a truly memorable and exhilarating gaming experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Spin16 mechanic and other intriguing bonus features ensures that the game stays engaging and appealing on multiple levels.

This game is perfect for those who appreciate a heavy dose of fantasy and intrigue in their gaming, along with enough opportunities and features to strategize and win. Elementium Spin16 is proof of Saucify's continuing excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of online casino gaming.

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