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Dive into the colourful world of Floating Market, a fascinating casino game offered by stalwarts of the gaming industry, CQ9. Floating Market promises to transport you to a vibrant and bustling market set afloat in the watery streets of an exotic oriental city. The game features an ensemble cast of colourful characters, exotic foodstuffs, and ornate accessories typical of a traditional Asian bazaar.

Aesthetically, it is a feast for the eyes with vivid graphics, evocative imagery and lively animations that beautifully capture the spirit of a bustling, aquatic marketplace. The kinetic energy of the shimmering water, floating vendors, and charismatic onlookers in Shazam casino's Floating Market game demand players’ attention and provide a uniquely immersive and delightful experience.


CQ9's Floating Market game offers a dynamic 5-reel and 30-payline slot setup. With a simple and intuitive interface that suits both novice and expert gamers, the game is easy to play and understand. Players can bet from as low as 0.3 coins up to 150 coins, to cater to different risk appetites.

Matching symbols across the game's paylines will result in players winning, and higher-value symbols require fewer matches to net attractive rewards. Characters like the merchant lady, the noodle vendor and the smiling man offer a higher return relative to other symbols- an important strategy tip for players.

Bonus Features

An exciting factor of this game is the variety of bonus features it offers. They include:

  • Free Spins: Initiated when three or more dragon symbols appear, the "Free Spins" feature rewards players with up to 20 free rounds, helping extend their playing time and potentially, winnings.
  • Multiplier Feature: Striking alignment of certain symbols like the ‘Brass Stool’ or the ‘Golden Bowl’ triggers the multiplier feature, which magnifies winnings exponentially.
  • Wild Symbols: The ‘Swordfish Sign’ represents the game’s wild symbol. When this symbol appears, it substitutes any other symbols barring the scatter symbol, increasing the chances of landing a winning combination.
  • Scatter Symbol: Represented by the Golden Coin, the scatter symbol is instrumental in triggering free spin features when 3 or more of them land on any section of the reel.
This diverse collection of bonus features amplifies the excitement of gameplay and increases the potential rewards for players.


By skillfully combining stunning visuals, engaging gameplay and a variety of rewarding bonus features, CQ9's Floating Market casino game provides an excellent gaming experience. The game wonderfully embodies the thrilling environment of an Asian market, making it a visual treat for players. Hence, whether you're a seasoned casino game aficionado or a new entrant into the casino game world, Floating Market promises an enjoyable time on Shazam Casino, along with the chance of hefty rewards. The game's endearing theme, combined with its distinctive features, enables it to float above the run-of-the-mill offerings available in the online casino game landscape.

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