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Dragon Gaming, a key player in the online casino game industry, brings a distinctive creation to your gaming table - the Freaks Of Folklore. This imaginative casino game is offered at the Shazam Casino, renowned for its exceptional offering of top-notch casino games. Dive in as we explore what this folkloric game is all about and what makes it stand out among others.


The Freaks Of Folklore is an entrancing blend of ancient folklore and modern gambling elements, offering a captivating gaming experience. Set in the eerie backdrop of a pillaged village, the game presents players with numerous mythical creatures from various folktales, distinctly designed with vibrant graphics. The harmonious blend of colors and detailed character designs are testaments to Dragon Gaming's commitment to superior gaming aesthetics. The ambient background music and sound effects added another layer of depth, immersing gamers into the magical world of folklore.


The superb graphics are not just for show; they couple perfectly with the engaging gameplay that Freaks Of Folklore offers. The game runs smoothly on all devices, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of Dragon Gaming. This five-reel slot game shows symbols such as wolves, witches, trolls, and other folklore creatures. The clear and user-friendly interface ensures that both beginners and seasoned gamers dig into the gameplay effortlessly.

The core goal in Freaks Of Folklore is aligning the different characters on the reel to trigger a win. With 50 paylines, the game promises plenty of opportunities for players to claim their winnings. Further enhancing the gameplay experience, the game offers an ‘auto spin’ function which spins the reels automatically, allowing the gamers to sit back and enjoy the unfolding intrigue.

Bonus Features

  • Free Spins: If 3 or more Scatter Symbols appear, it triggers the free spins bonus round, offering players extra chances of winning.
  • Wild Symbol: The Wild Symbol substitutes for all other symbols except Scatter, thereby creating more possible win combinations.
  • Multiplier: This game includes a Multiplier feature that can potentially magnify your winnings if certain criteria are met.

Dragon Gaming ups the ante with these bonus features which inject further excitement, ensuring players remain thoroughly entertained.


Freaks Of Folklore is indeed a commendable offering from Dragon Gaming, available at the Shazam Casino. With its imaginative theme artfully represented through high-quality graphics, thrilling gameplay, and exciting bonus features, this game stands apart. Those looking for a unique slot game that delivers on immersive gaming experience, Freaks Of Folklore is one not to miss. After all, who wouldn't love a chance at winning while enjoying the fantasy of folklore mixed with modern slot gaming?

From the enchanting theme to the high-quality graphics, and the engaging gameplay to the generous bonus features, every aspect of this game has been sculpted meticulously, keeping in mind the players' delight. So, brace yourselves for an unprecedented gaming journey with Freaks Of Folklore slotted at Shazam Casino!

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