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The God Of Chess game, provided by CQ9 and featured on the famous Shazam Casino platform, revolves around a fascinating theme inspired by one of the oldest and most intricate human-made games – chess. This online slot game presents an inventive twist on the traditional blackjack game, merging classic chess elements with the unpredictability of online gambling. The beautifully designed graphics and alluring soundtracks transport you to a world of strategy and refined gaming, appealing to both the dedicated chess fanatics and casual casino goers alike.


The gameplay of God Of Chess sets itself apart from your typical casino game. The unique combination of strategic planning involved in chess and the luck-based thrill of gambling makes for an exciting gameplay experience. The grid is setup like a chessboard, with symbols representing various chess pieces, each holding different values.

Upon successfully making combinations of these symbols, you stand a chance to win substantial amounts. Just like in chess, understanding the movements and values of the different pieces can greatly increase your odds of winning. The gameplay also notably incorporates a "Checkmate Feature" and a "Win Multiplier" designed to enhance the gaming experience and make it more rewarding.

In essence, the gameplay involves:

  • Placing a bet on your preferred line.
  • Spinning the slots for combinations of chess pieces.
  • Aiming to win big by strategically taking advantage of the game features.

Bonus Features

What truly adds some spice to the God Of Chess game are its fantastic bonus features. The two key ones are:

The Checkmate Feature: This feature adds a tactical layer to the game, similar to playing a real game of chess. When you position pieces in a way that could checkmate the opposing king in an actual chess match, you trigger bonus games and greater chances to multiply your wins.

Win Multiplier: Triggered by special symbols and bonus rounds, the Win Multiplier can significantly multiply your winnings, sometimes up to a whopping 32x. It lends a sense of suspense and excitement, creating more dynamic gameplay.


In conclusion, the God Of Chess game by CQ9 on Shazam Casino is a unique hybrid of two beloved games: chess and slots. It brings a refreshing twist to the traditionally luck-based casino games, introducing strategy and planning into the mix.

The game's immersive theme, engaging gameplay, attractive bonus features, and potential for substantial wins make it a game worth checking out. Whether you're a chess enthusiast, a slot lover, or just a casual gamer looking for an exciting new gaming experience, the God Of Chess game promises a thrilling, immersive, and potentially rewarding experience that you wouldn't want to miss!

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