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God Of War M, delivered by CQ9, is an online casino game that spares no expense in providing an exquisite casino experience. The game features as an anchor at prominent casinos, including the Shazam casino. Derived from the world-renowned video game series, this casino game sets itself apart with a theme centered around the mythical Greek god of war, Ares. It beautifully incorporates ancient Greek mythology and combines it with high-stakes betting, leaving players spellbound and feeling invincible, similar to their avatar, Ares.

The graphics utilized in the God Of War M game are a testament to CQ9's high standards of craftsmanship. A mesmerizing blend of fiery red and golden sparks capture the wrathful aura of wars, while the immaculate designs of ancient Greek symbols and weapons add to the historical accuracy, welcoming players to a fierce yet thrilling gaming atmosphere.


The gameplay of God Of War M is quite invigorating, offering a perfect blend of raw thrills and strategic need. As a five-reel slot game with 243 pay lines, the game positions players within an epic struggle for riches. The coin denomination begins from a minimum of 0.01 and goes up to a maximum of 50.00, ensuring room for all types of gamblers, from cautious beginners to audacious high rollers.

Ares, the most powerful Greek god, symbolizes the game's wild symbol. He replaces all other symbols on the reels to form winning combinations, further keeping the gameplay exciting. Apart from this, CQ9 has incorporated a myriad of unique features aimed at heightening the gaming experience and making it more interactive, such as autoplay and quick spin options.

Bonus Features

The game offers an array of bonus features that can turn the tide of the game drastically. Listed are some of these bonuses:

  • Free Spins: Players can activate free spins through scatter symbols, which not only increases their chances of winning but also intensifies the excitement of the game.
  • Multiplier: Multipliers double, triple or even quadruple players' winnings, often leading them to big wins out of the blue.
  • Wild Symbol Combinations: Forming combinations using the wild symbol can lead to unlocking substantial rewards, adding another layer of suspense to the gameplay.
  • Journey Feature: This unique feature amps up the aesthetic appeal of the game, transporting players into different realms of the god's universe during different phases of the game.


God Of War M by CQ9 is undoubtedly a game that leaves a lasting impression. Its theme, gameplay, and bonus features come together seamlessly to present an unprecedented casino gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or new to the world of online casinos, God Of War M is bound to grab your attention and keep you entertained for hours. Its presence at Shazam Casino further adds credibility to its claim of being a top-notch casino game. If betting with the god of war sounds like your kind of thrill, give this game a spin, and you're sure to revisit for more.

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