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Jackpot Ganesha Fortune


The Jackpot Ganesha Fortune game presented by Dicelab takes a dive into the thriving cosmopolitan of exotic Indian culture. Ganesha, a widely-revered deity in Hinduism, is known as the remover of obstacles, and throughout this thrilling slot-game, he guides players to their fortune. Ganesha's majestic aura is seamlessly woven into the game's theme, setting an atmosphere of grandeur and charm. This intriguing theme, coupled with splendid graphics from Shazam Casino, inevitably pulls you into a world of vibrant colours and captivating symbols that make your gambling experience quite unforgettable.


The Jackpot Ganesha Fortune game employs a standard slot-game mechanism played on a 5-reel, 3-row grid with 243 ways to win. The main aim of the game, as with all slots, is to line up matching symbols on the paylines. However, Dicelab goes a step further, introducing a plethora of unique symbols such as ancient Hindu scriptures, Ganesha's recorded incarnation as a mouse, and vibrant Indian jewels, all of which align beautifully with the game's overarching theme.

The game offers variable betting amounts catering to both low-stake wagering and high-stakes gambling. Furthermore, an AutoPlay function, detailed paytable, and distinct graphics all contribute to a user-friendly and immersive gameplay experience at Shazam Casino.

The highlight of Jackpot Ganesha Fortune game is its progressive jackpot features, where the grand jackpot amount keeps increasing with each bet, boosting your chances to walk away with a Ganesha-sized fortune.

Bonus Features

The Jackpot Ganesha Fortune game is rich in bonus features, detailed as follows:

  • Free Spins: The game incorporates a free spins feature activated by the scatter symbol. Three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins, providing an opportunity to accumulate more winnings without betting extra.
  • Wild Symbols: The Ganesha symbol represents the game’s wild symbol. It substitutes for all other symbols (except scatters) to form winning combinations, adding an exciting touch to the gameplay while increasing the player's chances of striking a lucrative combination.
  • Multipliers: The lucrative multiplier feature inflates your winnings. Combined with a successful spin, the multipliers can provide an enormous boost to your jackpot.
  • Progressive Jackpot: As previously mentioned, the game features a progressive jackpot. The amount escalates with each bet, presenting an opportunity for players to bag an elusive Ganesha Fortune. The jackpot can be triggered randomly at the end of any game, adding an unpredictable and thrilling twist to the game.


As you wheel through the mystical streets of India with Jackpot Ganesha Fortune, your journey will be filled with striking graphics, a vibrant thematical experience, a host of bonus features, and a chance to win accumulated fortunes. Dicelab's intention to provide a seamless, robust gaming experience coupled with Shazam Casino’s dedication to offering detailed graphics and user-friendly gameplay is brought to the fore in this game. This game is a classic slot with an exotic twist, perfect for those seeking not just a gamble but also an adventure.

The game is anchored by an engaging theme and a chance at an ever-escalating jackpot. Hence, if you’re seeking a refreshing casino game that marries culture with high stakes, the Jackpot Ganesha Fortune game by Dicelab, presented by Shazam Casino, will undoubtedly appease your thrill-seeking desires.

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