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As a game embedded with feline charm, Kitty Cutie from Nucleus is designed for cat-lovers and casino-goers alike. This slot game cleverly combines our fascination with cute cats with the thrill and excitement of the casino environments. Hosted by none other than the adorable Kitty Cutie herself, the game features a delightful ambiance of a cosy living room, showcasing warm colors, playfully animated symbols of balls of yarn, milk cartons, and gold fishes. Each spin of the reel brings a fresh and soft meow, enhancing the domestic atmosphere of the game

With its captivating and endearing graphics, players are drawn into the comfort of a cute kitty-filled universe. Unlike the flashy and dynamic themes typically associated with online slots, Kitty Cutie charms its users with its heartwarming simplicity, complete with charming background music that offers a soothing escape from the whirl of most traditional casino games. Nucleus has done a fascinating job of bringing a refreshing and lovable character to Shazam Casino's extensive game roster.


Just like any slot machine game, Kitty Cutie follows a simple structure, with five reels and ten adjustable paylines. But there's a unique twist when it comes to the game's symbols. Players not only have the chance to win by lining up traditional symbols, but the game introduces a "Wild Yarn" feature. When Kitty Cutie plays with the ball of yarn on the screen, it expands to fill the entire reel, proving your game with a wild push, making it easier to earn points and increase your winnings.

Aligning either horizontally or vertically instead of the usual diagonal method, Kitty Cutie offers a more straightforward approach to winning, focussing less on complex alignments and instead rewarding the players for simple, intuitive play. The easy-to-understand interface and gameplay are a testament to Nucleus’s commitment to delivering an entertaining yet easy-to-understand gaming experience.

Bonus Features

Kitty Cutie is laden with bonus features that make the gaming experience extra exciting and rewarding. In addition to the Wild Yarn feature, Kitty Cutie offers a valuable Free Spins Bonus when you land three or more Bell Scatter symbols. But the fun doesn’t stop there:

  • The 'Double Up' feature allows you the chance to double your winnings by guessing the result of a coin flip after every winning combination during regular play.
  • Featuring the 'Gamble Feature', you can choose to gamble half or all your winnings, providing an exciting twist to the gameplay. Remember though, it's a risky shot with equal chances of losing your gamble as well as doubling it.


If you're a cat lover with a penchant for online casino games, Kitty Cutie by Nucleus at Shazam Casino is the perfect match for you. With its attractive graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay, this slot game creates a gentle and homely atmosphere that contrasts beautifully with the excitement of winning.

Boosted by a collection of bonus features that amplify the gaming experience, Kitty Cutie does not stray far from the reputation of Nucleus for offering unique, exciting, and user-friendly casino games. Its relaxed yet engaging design makes it a must-try on the roster of Shazam Casino's games.

Whether you’re a seasoned casino-goer or a casual player, Kitty Cutie offers a fun and refreshing take on the familiar slot machine theme. This game truly stands out from the plethora of casino games available online. Take a leap into the cute world of Kitty Cutie and let the wins keep purring in!

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