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The Magic World game is a visually engaging product from one of the gaming industry's significant players - CQ9. It's a magical theme slot, combining a mystical and enchanting environment that obscures bits of the familiar with the supernatural. In this casino game reminiscent of Hollywood sensation Shazam, mystical objects and magical creatures have been subtly merged into a graphical feast that vividly encapsulates the essence of a magical world. The fantastic, colorful graphics, together with the opaque backdrop that immediately transports you into a world of magic and mystery, ensures a unique gaming experience.


Every part of the Magic World game has been thoughtfully designed to offer exceptional engagement for players. The primary interface is based on a 5x3 reel layout, which aligns perfectly with the slot's enchanting theme. The machine feel is original and robust, and it holds the player captive with its inviting, clear, and easy-to-understand control buttons. The player can quickly adapt to the game thanks to this user-friendly design, resulting in a swift dive into the game.

Scoring is primarily done through the alignment of symbols according to the pay-line rules, and special symbols are included to add variety and thrill to the game. Winning opportunities are not in shortage, with a total of 243 ways to win. High-value symbols such as sorcerers and dragons provide the player with a chance to score significant wins, causing the gameplay to be even more immersive and inviting.

Bonus Features

Who doesn't love bonuses? The Magic World game by CQ9 has several bonus features designed to make the gaming experience more enjoyable and rewarding. These include:

  • Wild Symbols: It replaces all other symbols apart from the Scatter symbols offering you more chances of winning.
  • Scatter Symbols: If you land on three or more scatter symbols, you get to unlock free spins which means more opportunities to win.
  • Free Spins: This feature enables you to make more spins without spending any more money, enhancing the winning chances.
  • Multipliers: These multiply your winnings by a certain number, eagle-eyed players will be there to pounce on these bonus features to maximize their advantages.


Inspired by the whimsical, otherworldly charm of blockbuster films like Shazam, the Magic World game by CQ9 provides a dynamic, immersive, and highly enjoyable casino game experience for fans of themed slot games. It brilliantly combines aesthetics and functionality to create a complete package of theme-based gaming experiences. The game is spiced up by the inclusion of rewarding bonus features that are sure to keep players coming back for more.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player in the casino game world, Magic World is sure to provide an exciting, engaging, and immersive gaming experience. The Magic World game is proof of CQ9's ability to deploy state-of-the-art technology to create innovative and entertaining slot game solutions. You are invited to experience this magical journey and take your chances at winning fabulous prizes.

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