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Shazam Casino presents Necropolis, a captivating casino game by Urgent Games. Necropolis, a game steeped in mystery and the unknown, provides an immersive gaming experience that combines excellent graphics and engaging gameplay. This review delves into the theme, gameplay, and bonus features of this thrilling game.


Set in the chilling depths of an ancient, haunted metropolis, Necropolis stands out from the pack of typical casino games. The game's striking theme encompasses dark and brooding imagery with an array of ghastly and ghostly characters, creating an ambient atmosphere that sends shivers down the player's spine. Adding to the mystery, the haunting atmospheric soundtrack—filled with distant whispers, suspenseful builds, and chilling melodies—strengthens the overall immersive experience. The design team of Urgent Games has gone the extra mile to ensure that the Necropolis game provides an unparalleled chilling game session.


The gameplay aspect of Necropolis is a masterstroke of casino game design. The game operates on a five-reel slot machine, populated with ghoulish symbols, each with different values. When you hit a combination of identical symbols, you earn points that significantly increase your winnings. The stakes can be customized according to the player's comfort, which ensures a balanced play for both high rollers and occasional players. Necropolis also features numerous pay lines that increase the player's chance of hitting a winning combination.

  • Immersive storyline: As the player progresses, they gradually uncover the hidden secrets of the Necropolis and the disturbing entities that inhabit it.
  • In-depth strategies: The game encourages players to employ strategic gameplay and accurate decision-making to maximize their winnings.
  • Unique symbols: Each symbol in Necropolis is carefully designed to fit with the game's theme and provide specific benefits to the player.

Bonus Features

The thrill of Necropolis does not end with its gameplay alone. The game offers exciting bonus features that elevate player excitement to new highs. These include:

The Wild symbol can substitute for any base game symbol to form a winning combination. The occurrence of the Wild symbol multiplies your chances of hitting a successive combination.

The Scatter symbol, upon appearing thrice or more across the reels, triggers the free spins feature. During the free spins round, your winning amounts get amplified, providing a chance for exponential earnings.

The inclusion of a Bonus Game feature adds to the element of suspense. This game-within-a-game can be triggered upon hitting a specific combination, offering hefty rewards and even more enthralling gameplay.


Necropolis, offered by Shazam Casino and developed by Urgent Games, reflects a magnificent combination of suspense-filled gaming and casino excitement. The immersive theme, strategic gameplay mechanisms, and generous bonus features make this game an ideal choice for those seeking something different from regular casino games. The game brings more than just the chance of winning money; it offers a unique, thrilling experience that keeps the players on their edge of their seats at all times. Try your hand at uncovering the mysteries of Necropolis and be prepared to occupy your gaming sessions with suspense, excitement, and handsome rewards.

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