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The Oneshotfishing game by CQ9 takes you into an captivating underwater world, filled with an array of fascinating sea creatures. It's an aquatic gamescape that radiates vibrant colors and smooth animations, paired with a relaxing soundtrack that adds to the ambiance of being under the ocean's surface. This casino game, available at the Shazam Casino, is perfect for fishing enthusiasts as well as casino game fans looking for a variation from the traditional Slots and Poker.

The gaming symbols are artfully crafted around undersea life forms including a variety of fish, octopuses, turtles, and crabs. The digital artwork in Oneshotfishing is immersive and very visually appealing. Every detail contributes to a rich, deep sea environment where players can get lost for hours on an unforgettable undersea adventure.


The Oneshotfishing game is a highly engaging shoot 'em up game, slightly deviating from the typical reel-spin casino games. Players assume the role of an underwater hunter, with an arsenal of tools at their disposal to capture different sea species. The worth of each creature varies, so it's always exciting to see what specie comes your way and what rewards it carries. Moreover, the game also presents a multiplayer opportunity, allowing friends to create fishing teams and enjoy a shared gaming experience.

Once a fish gets caught in the crosshairs, the player fires to catch the fish and earn corresponding points which can latter be converted to real money at the Shazam Casino. Different tools yield different catch results. Gameplay strategy involves not just aim and shoot, but also requires smart resource management and weapon selection.

Bonus Features

The Oneshotfishing game is packed with a myriad of exciting bonus features to heighten gameplay. Here are few,

  • Multiple Levels: The game offers several levels of varying difficulties; players can gradually unlock higher levels with bigger rewards.
  • Special Tools: Special tools like the bomb can be unlocked, which can significantly enhance the likelihood of a catch.
  • Mystery Fish: CQ9 also included a mystery fish feature that randomly appears; catching this fish brings a sizeable reward.
  • Super Prize Feature: This rare yet generous feature only appears when hitting the top level fish; the reward is 1000 times the player's bet.

These bonus features make the game more intriguing, dynamic and worth investing time and money into.


Oneshotfishing blends the thrill of casino games with the serenity of undersea exploration, all while delivering exciting gameplay and generous rewards. It's a standout in the portfolio of CQ9. Thanks to its high-quality graphics, immersive environment, unique gameplay mechanics, and exciting bonus features, it's a game that will surely appeal to players of all calibre.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie looking for a different gaming experience, Oneshotfishing is a stark departure from the norm. The game's element of strategy adds a layer of depth that makes it more than just a game of chance. And with the possibility of capturing the massive Super Prize, the potential rewards make it an attractive choice. So, head over to Shazam Casino, dive into the aquatic world of Oneshotfishing, and see what you can reel in today!

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