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The Pinup Beauties game powered by DiceLab is beautifully themed around the glamorous style of the 20th century- the era of the real pin-up models. Instantly transporting you to a time of nostalgic glamour, the game embodies the essence of old Hollywood charm with its captivating graphics and immersive sound effects. The classy and retro-inspired design embraces the tasteful sexiness of pinup models, making this game not just highly inviting but visually attractive as well. The four protagonists, the riveting pinup models, further add an additional layer of attraction to the game.

Available on Shazam Casino, the Pinup Beauties game thrills you with excellent graphics that depict the pin-up era perfectly. With bold and bright colours dominating the screen design, the postcard sketches of the pinup girls augment the overall user experience, offering a nostalgic ride adorned with kitsch aesthetics.


Pinup Beauties game offers an outstanding gameplay that is exciting, fun-filled and highly engaging. The grid of the game contains 20 individual cells arranged in 5x4 format, where each cell spins independently. Alongside the four pin-up symbols and a wild symbol, other symbols include classic goodies like strawberries, bananas, pineapples, and more. The twist in the game comes with collecting symbols, each providing its own win multiplier, which can further multiply the total win amount massively.

The game's mechanics and controls are impeccably designed to give players a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Underlining DiceLab's commitment towards advanced technology and mathematics, the Pinup Beauties game stands testament to their innovation in offering a unique user interface that allows for flawless navigation and control.

Bonus Features

  • Collecting Symbols: Each symbol has its own value, and accumulating these symbols can massively increase your winnings.
  • Free Spins: Win up to twelve free spins when you hit three or more of the game's scatter symbols.
  • Wild Symbol: The game’s wild symbol can replace any other symbol, excluding the scatter symbol, to complete winning combinations.
  • Unique Character Multipliers: Four pinup beauties each have unique multipliers that can significantly increase your earnings.

The bonus features of the Pinup Beauties game indeed play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall gaming experience, making it incredibly thrilling while also increasing the chances of high wins.


The Pinup Beauties game by DiceLab, available on Shazam Casino, is a splendid blend of grand visuals, exciting gameplay, and rewarding bonus features. It seamlessly weaves the allure of the glamorous pinup era into a casino game, offering a unique path for players to immerse themselves in an era of nostalgia while trying their luck. The enthralling theme combined with user-friendly mechanics makes this game an irresistible pick for every casino game lover.

Adding to the charm are the lucrative bonus features that not only exponentially increase the chances of exciting winnings but also enhance the gaming experience. In conclusion, the Pinup Beauties game by DiceLab is indeed a fun-filled journey back to the glamorous pinup era, offering a bounty of entertainment and the chance of big winnings.

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