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The Relax Lounge game, provided by DiceLab and available at Shazam Casino, is a relaxed, stylish, and easy-to-play casino game that offers a vibrant and enjoyable user-experience. The game has a universally appealing lounge bar theme, where players can kick back and relax, while rolling the dice. The overall aesthetics of the game is pleasing with mellow lounge sounds that impart a feel of being in a real-life luxury casino. Featuring top-notch 3D graphics, seamless navigation, and entertaining animations, DiceLab has ensured that playing Relax Lounge immerses the player in a sleek, sophisticated lounge atmosphere.


DiceLab stays true to its name, placing dice at the heart of the Relax Lounge’s gameplay. The simplicity of the game is what sets it apart. The objective is to predict the total number that will appear on the roll of three dice. You can select any number from 3 to 18, with different odds for each. If your prediction delivers, you win! Relax Lounge values both high-rollers and casual players, as it offers a wide range of betting options. You can begin betting for as low as $0.10, and for those looking for more thrilling high-stake games, they can bet up to $100.00 per roll. This wide betting range accommodates all players regardless of their bankroll. Here is a simple bullet-point breakdown of the gameplay:

  • Each game round involves the roll of three dice.
  • Place your bet by predicting the total number that will result from the roll.
  • The possible totals range from 3 to 18, with the odds for each displayed on the betting grid.
  • If your prediction matches the result, you win according to the odds.
  • Relish a fresh set of odds and another opportunity to place a bet for every new roll.

Bonus Features

Despite its simplicity, Relax Lounge does not skimp on rewarding bonuses that enhance the playing experience. Relax Lounge offers a Bonus Multiplier Meter, where each bet you place increases the multiplier amount. When you reach a winning bet, the accumulated multiplier is applied to your winnings, meaning a chance for colossal payouts. Another remarkable feature of Relax Lounge is the Fun Bonus Game. This triggers randomly after any dice roll and presents the player with nine mystery boxes. Choosing a box reveals a hidden multiplier that’s applied to your last roll winnings. This Fun Bonus not only provides an enjoyable mid-game surprise, but it also has the power to multiply your winnings substantially.


Relax Lounge is an enticing game that blends simplicity with generous bonuses. Its appealing lounge bar theme and smooth dice-based gameplay make it an excellent choice amongst casino game enthusiasts who appreciate a relaxed, yet engaging gaming experience. The range of betting options and rewarding bonus features ultimately provide countless opportunities for players to win big, making playing Relax Lounge a delightful and rewarding experience. Whether you are a high-roller or a more conservative player, Relax Lounge game by DiceLab at Shazam Casino caters to your preferences while delivering consistent entertainment and winning possibilities. This game truly embodies its name – offering a chance to relax, to play and to win.

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