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The Rumpelthrillspins game by Genesis looks to be the embodiment of the classic "Rumpelstiltskin" fairy tale with a twist–if the fairy tale were set in a glitzy casino. The game combines the aesthetic allure of a mystical forest with shiny gemstones and thrilling gameplay that can only be found on a brilliant slot machine. In this game, players encounter golden thread spins, enticing wilds, enticing rewards and more, creating an environment of enchantment and suspense that's hard to resist.


Genesis has outdone itself with the unique, engaging gameplay of Rumpelthrillspins. At the very beginning, you're greeted with a 5x3 grid layout that's adorned with symbols resonating the theme of vibrant gemstones, a magical spinning wheel, and the infamous golden straw. There are 25 paylines in the game, offering varied options to the players to win. Additionally, this video slot game lavishes its players with a very high RTP (Return To Player) of 97.128%, which goes above and beyond the industry average, promising that wins will be a common part of your game-time.

An intriguing aspect of this game lies in the bet ranges. The minimum bet amount per spin is a mere 0.01 coins, catering to beginners or cautious players, while the maximum bet rides up to 10 coins per spin, letting high-rollers have the thrill they desire. Thus, no matter your bet preference, Rumpelthrillspins caters to all. This inclusion of a wide variety, mixed with a high RTP percentage, certainly sets the Rumpelthrillspins game apart from other casino games.

Bonus Features

No casino game can be truly complete without the promise of tantalizing bonus features. Genesis’s creation of Rumpelthrillspins takes it up a notch with a satisfying list of bonuses:

  • Free Spins: Land three or more 'Scatter' symbols, and the magical spinning wheel rewards you with free spins.
  • Wild Transformation: Look out for the Rumpelstiltskin symbol as this can magically transform any base symbol into a wild, creating more winning combinations.
  • Multiplier Bonus: With every win, Rumpelstiltskin has another treat in store—he taunts you to guess his real name. If guessed correctly, you not only break the spell but also receive a huge payout multiplier.


In conclusion, the Rumpelthrillspins game delights with an innovative ploy at combining classic fairy tales with the thrill of a modern-day video slot game. Its unique theme, enthralling gameplay, high RTP, and superlative bonus features make it an unmissable attraction at Shazam Casino. The Genesis game caters to both casual gamers who want a fun, relaxed play and high-rollers in search of a big reward. Rumpelthrillspins is a remarkable fusion of fairytale allure and modern casino gameplay, promising both magic and gold in abundance.

This is a game that's definitely worth a spin—strap in and prepare to be whisked away on a fairy-tale adventure! Don't forget to make a bargain with the tiny man himself, just be sure to guess his name correctly to reap the biggest rewards! Whether you're a veteran slots player or a beginner, the Rumpelthrillspins game at Shazam Casino is sure to offer a valuable mix of fun, excitement, and potential payout. Let the thrillspins begin!

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