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Prepare to be entranced by the charming confectionery-themed graphics and animations of the So Sweet game. The vivid and delightful imagery of candies and pastries that spread across the screen exudes a playful ambiance that's reminiscent of a candy store or a child’s birthday party. The thematic color palette is dominated by pastels and vivid hues, with plenty of sugar-coated elements, further reinforcing the theme of sweetness. The game destinations are often adorned with eye-candy like sugar staircases, candy cane boundaries, and transparent jelly landscapes. Set against this backdrop, the use of soft, upbeat, and entrancing sounds and chimes further enhances the game’s joyful, whimsical quality. CQ9 has indeed created an enchanting world that will indulge your sweet tooth while providing a fun-filled gaming experience.


The So Sweet gameplay by CQ9 offers a candy-coated interface which is easy to navigate and understand. The game introduces classic casino gameplay with brilliant twists, adding an exciting dimension to the overall experience. This involves technical features like adjustable bet levels, auto-spin, and a special payline function targeted at high-rollers.

Players can indulge in 5 reel-slots packed with different symbols that depict various types of delightful sweets. Landing a combination, especially of rare candies, multiplies the player's stakes considerably. However, you must tread carefully as behind the tantalizing visuals, a wrong move can result in losses. What makes the gameplay stand out is its exceptional balance of risk and rewards, promising wins frequently enough to keep players engaged and eager for more.

  • Apart from the player-friendly gameplay, So Sweet also incorporates the 'Confectionary Cannon' component, allowing gamers to amass sugar points, which can later convert into high-rewarding bonuses.

Bonus Features

The So Sweet game offers sweet bonuses that guarantee amplification of rewards and overall gaming thrill. Look out for the sparkling golden coin power-ups. These coveted symbols trigger free spins, increasing the opportunity to win big. Another bonus feature is the ‘Sugar Rush’ feature, unlocked by the sugar points accumulated. The Sugar Rush feature works as a multiplier, boosting your winnings substantially.

The 'Mega Win Multiplier' feature is activated once you have stockpiled a sufficient amount of golden sugar coins. This multiplier can dramatically increase your wins by up to x250, adding an addictive high-stake element to the gaming experience. Multiple bonus features are harmoniously integrated into the gameplay, ensuring that the players are consistently rewarded in this sugar-coated journey, making the gaming experience more gratifying.


Addictive, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing, the So Sweet game by CQ9 provides a captivating gaming experience wrapped in a delightful candy-themed package. The game's charming theme, exciting gameplay, and rewarding bonus features create an immersive environment for both casual and professional gamers. It is a must-play title in the Shazam casino library and is sure to leave you coming back for more sweet victories.

Whether you're in it for the fun, the visuals, the thrill, or the potential windfall, So Sweet offers a well-rounded, satisfying gaming experience that's sure to keep you hooked. It's a testament to CQ9's skill and expertise in creating top-tier gaming content. Go on and give it a try!

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