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Sunburst Eclipse Bonus


The Sunburst Eclipse Bonus game, brought to you by the experienced and creative team at Begames, takes you on an exciting journey through the celestial cosmos. The theme is skillfully integrated into every facet of the game, from the sparkling graphical details to the immersive sound effects. The backdrop of the game is set against an impressive cosmic panorama, filled with twinkling stars and brilliant hues of orange and purple that give vitality to the heavens. The symbols on the wheels are an assortment of radiant celestial bodies including comets, planets, stars and of course the breathtaking sunburst and eclipse symbols.

Shazam casino, being a premier platform for online gaming, provides an optimal gaming environment for the Sunburst Eclipse Bonus game. The game's impressive graphics, combined with Shazam casino's excellent interface, ensure that players will have a visually stimulating experience while playing.


The heart of any good casino game lies in its gameplay, and Sunburst Eclipse Bonus game shines in this aspect too. The game features a 5-reel layout with 25 distinct paylines that give a plethora of opportunities to win big. The rules are uncomplicated and easy to grasp, making it suitable for beginners as well as experienced players. Players can choose to play a selected number of pay lines and decide on the amount they wish to wager on each line.

Each spin on the game illustrates the developers' attention to detail, with striking animations that take you on a journey across the galaxy. Based on regular casino guidelines, the payouts are determined by matching symbols from left to right across the active paylines. However, the real thrill begins when the special symbols like the Sunburst and Eclipse icons land on the screen, triggering intriguing bonus features.

Bonus Features

What makes Sunburst Eclipse Bonus game truly enchanting are the bonus features that it offers:

  • Wild symbols: These cards replace any other symbols on the reel to enhance the chances of hitting a winning line.
  • Scatter symbols: These symbols can trigger free spins or release bonus rounds. If three or more of these appear on a single spin, it usually prompts a special bonus feature.
  • Sunburst Free Spins: If players can land three or more Sunburst symbols, a set of free spins is triggered. During these rounds, the possibility of striking a winning combination is increased.
  • Eclipse Bonus Game: This is activated when a player hits three or more Eclipse symbols. In this bonus game, players get to experience a mini-game where they can accumulate additional winnings.


The Sunburst Eclipse Bonus game by Begames provides an unrivaled gaming experience, doused in celestial fantasy and thrilling gameplay features. Its innovative theme, excellent bonus features, and user-friendly gameplay create a unique fusion of excitement and chances to amass winnings. With its availability on the Shazam casino platform, this game is accessible to everyone who desires to take a quick journey into a star-filled venture, all the while seizing multiple opportunities to win big and enjoy a journey through the cosmos from the comfort of their own home. Expertly designed and exhilarating to play, it's time to get lost in space with Sunburst Eclipse Bonus game.

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