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Delivered with elegance and sophistication, the Tens Or Better game by Rival is one of the best video poker games hosted by Shazam Casino. The game revolves around the conventional poker theme, with excellent graphic fidelity and superior sound effects that replicate an authentic casino environment. The color scheme of the game interface is primarily a calming mixture of blue and green, which holds the potential to keep you captivated and immersed in the gameplay. Each card on the table exhibits clear and sharp images, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable gaming experience.


Test your strategy and intuition with Tens Or Better by Rival. The rules are relatively straightforward: achieving a pair of tens or any superior hand will grant you a winning round. The cards are drawn from a single 52 card deck and the player has the option to hold or discard up to five cards per round. Wins are multiplied by your wager amount and you possess the freedom to bet between one and five coins.

  • The game commences with placing your wagers, which accommodates diverse bet sizes, ensuring accessibility for both high-rollers and budget players.
  • Following your wager, five cards are dealt. You now have the option to hold or discard - this is where your strategy and knowledge of poker hand rankings come into play.
  • Once you've made your choice, new cards are dealt to replace the ones you've discarded. The final hand will decide your win or loss.
  • The game also houses a 'Double or Nothing' round, invoked once you win a hand. In this phase, you have a chance to double your winnings or potentially lose all.

Bonus Features

While Tens Or Better does not feature Free Spins or Bonus Games found commonly in slots, it does provide the thrill of winning multipliers accessible through the 'Double or Nothing' round. After securing a win, you are given the choice of either collecting your winnings or risking it all in hopes of doubling them. You'll then be presented with five cards, one facing up and the rest downwards. Your goal is to choose a card from the lot that is higher than the exposed one. If successful, your winnings are instantly doubled! However, choosing a lower one eradicates all your winnings from that round. This feature brings added excitement to the gameplay with potential for high rewards, while also raising the stakes considerably.


Offering a sleek user interface and an interesting twist on conventional poker, Tens Or Better by Rival stands out as a masterstroke in the world of casino games. Its simplicity makes it suitable for beginners while the strategic aspects keep it interesting for the seasoned players. The rewarding 'Double or Nothing' round increases both the risk and the thrills, making it a compelling game for anyone seeking an enriching gaming experience.

Shazam Casino, boasting an extensive array of games, proudly includes Tens Or Better in their lineup. Their reliable and secure platform provides the perfect home for this glittering gem from Rival. If you're a poker aficionado or just a fervent lover of casino games, Tens Or Better by Rival at Shazam Casino warrants your attendance at their virtual poker table.

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