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The Forbidden Tomb game developed by Nucleus and presented by Shazam Casino takes players into the enchanting depth of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. The game clearly draws inspiration from the mystic lore of tombs, pharaohs, and prescient artefacts, portraying an immersive and exciting atmosphere. The high-definition graphics, coupled with eerie background music, truly brings alive the enigmatic aura of a long-lost Egyptian tomb. From stone-hewn walls adorned with hieroglyphics to the exquisite, legendary figures of Anubis and Horus, the detailed art brings forward an authentic rendition of this fascinating era. The Forbidden Tomb game provides a unique opportunity for players to delve into the charm of ancient Egypt, whisking them away to a world steeped in mystery and wealth.


The Forbidden Tomb game boasts an impressive 5-reel, 20-payline slot system ensuring a thrilling gaming experience. Players have an array of betting options to choose from, offering flexibility in stakes that cater to both casual and serious gamers alike. The game runs smoothly on both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring accessibility regardless of your preferred gaming device. Each symbol on the reels is meticulously designed with iconic Egyptian symbolism creating a visually appealing gaming interface.

Key gameplay features of The Forbidden Tomb game are:

  • Adventurous Bonus Round: Activated by landing the appropriate symbols, this round enhances players' potential winnings.
  • Jackpots: The game features both fixed and progressive jackpots, thereby escalating the potential rewards.
  • Wilds & Scatters: These can help form winning combinations and trigger free spins respectively, adding replay value and greater chances of winning.

Bonus Features

The Forbidden Tomb game includes several enticing bonus features that up the ante for seasoned slot players. The wild symbol, depicted by a golden scarab, can substitute for all other symbols increasing the chances of creating a winning payline. If three or more wild symbols appear, they can trigger free spins, during which the wilds themselves become sticky, further enhancing the winning potential.

Moreover, the game includes a bonus round initiated when the scatter symbol, illustrated by the enigmatic Eye of Ra, appears thrice or more on the reels. This bonus round envelops the player in an immersive mini-game, where they get a chance to unveil the treasures hidden within the forbidden tomb. This round thus adds an adventurous flavour to the game, making each spin a thrilling experience.


In conclusion, Nucleus have outdone themselves with The Forbidden Tomb game. The game not only presents a perfect blend of high-end graphic detailing and authentic theme representation but also ensures a gripping and entertaining gameplay through its various bonus features and flexible betting range. Coupled with the accessibility and smooth performance on both mobile and desktop provided by Shazam Casino, The Forbidden Tomb game truly stands out in the realm of online slots. Whether you are an enthusiastic slot player, or simply intrigued by the allure of the ancient Egyptian fascination, this game promises a captivating and rewarding gaming experience.

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