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Presented by Nucleus, The Golden Inn is a delightful casino game currently making waves at Shazam Casino. This engaging online slot game transports players right into the heart of a traditional Irish-style inn known for vast fortunes and golden treasures. Let's delve deeper to discover what makes The Golden Inn game a must-play.


The Golden Inn is set in a jovial and lively Irish inn, imbued with vibrant green influences reflecting the allure of famed Irish folklore. The backdrop is a charming rural landscape where the rustic inn sits at the center, showering gold. The symbols include a host of Irish-related items such as, overflowing pint glasses, leprechaun hats, and even some lucky four-leaf clovers. The game's graphics are sharp and engaging, with a lively soundtrack that adds to the exhilarating nature of the gameplay.


The Golden Inn provides players with an innovative 5x4 reel slot structure, boasting 75 paylines that promise an elevated chance of big wins. This slot game boasts an engaging balance between challenge and chance.

Golden Inn's user-friendly interface makes it perfect for both novice and experienced players, featuring straightforward navigation with clearly marked spin, max bet, and information buttons. The game also includes an option for automated spins, allowing players to sit back and watch as the reels reveal their fortunes.

Bonus Features

Nucleus has incorporated an array of bonus features into The Golden Inn game to increase player engagement and winning potential:

  • Wild Reels: The Wild reels feature transforms entire reels into Wilds, increasing the possibility of combinations.
  • Free Spins: The Golden Inn provides ample chances to win free spins, boosting player's opportunities to acquire big wins without additional wagers.
  • Golden Spins: As the rarest feature, Golden spins reward players with a nest egg of free spins and big multipliers for larger winnings.
  • Double Up Game: This option gives players a chance to stake their winnings in a gamble for a potential double payout – a feature preferred by more adventurous players.

These well-designed features increase the game's thrill factor, keeping players engaged and hungry for more.


The Golden Inn, hosted by Shazam Casino, is a dynamic casino slot game that offers engaging gameplay, a charming theme, and rich bonus features. Nucleus has succeeded in creating a game that is visually appealing, enjoyable, and packed with opportunities to win.

The incorporation of Irish folklore, immersive story elements, flexible game settings, and the prospects of a rewarding gambling experience make The Golden Inn game a standout choice for players seeking both fun and potential fortune.

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