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Welcome to another thrilling game review presented to you by Shazam Casino, today’s focus targets the exceptional, intriguing and engaging game, The Great Jailbreak, developed by DiceLab.


As the name suggests, The Great Jailbreak game is predicated on exciting escape scenarios. This novel theme places players in the midst of a cinematic high-stakes jailbreak scenario - set in a dramatic prison environment filled with gripping visual elements that include barbed wires, security lights, guard towers, and walls laden with graffiti. The game is ideally designed to evoke a sense of thrill that is synonymous with an adventurous jailbreak scenario.


The Great JailBreak by DiceLab can be described as anything but ordinary. The gameplay is fast-paced, keeping you on the edge at all times, just like a prison break would. You, the player, are given the task to break out of the prison and every spin you make is a step closer to your freedom. The game adopts a 5x5 grid layout, offering numerous ways to succeed and secure a win.

An exciting aspect of this gameplay is that players are offered the opportunity to strategically manoeuvre through multiple game levels with elements such as unlocking doors and avoiding security systems, utilising slingshots to knock out the guards, and even digging tunnels. Every selected strategy affects the outcomes, adding an extra layer of strategy to the typical casino game scenario. This innovative aspect delivers a highly interactive and engaging gaming experience that is not usually found in traditional casino games.

Bonus Features

The bonus features in this game come as a delightful surprise for the players. Here are a few of the thrilling and rewarding features which you will encounter:

  • Scatters: Scatter Symbols help the players to trigger the exciting bonus round
  • Free Spins: The Great Jailbreak is abundant with free spins, thus providing a higher probability of hitting a winning combination
  • Multipliers: Players can multiply their winnings during the bonus round

These bonus features are not only designed to enhance the overall gaming experience but also to increase the odds of securing potentially big wins. It is worth noting that these features become more compelling, and potentially rewarding, as a player progresses through the game levels


The Great Jailbreak from DiceLab is indeed a step forward in the gaming world, producing a perfect blend of traditional online slot gameplay with a modern, thematic, and interactive approach. It is clear to see that DiceLab has gone the extra mile to incorporate an intriguing plot, captivating design, and innovative gameplay techniques to keep players engaged and entertained.

It is not just another spin-and-win slot game, but a remarkable gaming experience that involves strategizing and decision-making to a certain extent, adding depth to your traditional gambling endeavor. Other factors such as life-like graphics, matchless animations, and high-quality sound effects only add to its uniqueness, making it an absolute triumph in the gaming arena.

If you are in for a fun, adventurous, and interactive gaming experience that comes with the potential for exciting returns, make sure to take a spin on The Great Jailbreak at Shazam Casino. This edge-of-the-seat game will give your gaming experience a new definition, and we bet you will come back for more!

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