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The Vegas Jackpot Keno game by Rival, available on Shazam Casino, takes you straight to the heart of the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas. This game successfully blends the classic game of Keno, which has its roots in ancient China, with the glitz, glamor and high stakes excitement of Las Vegas. The interface is beautifully designed. It features a vibrant blue background representing the casino table, and a well-structured marking board. Digitally animated drawings coupled with bright Vegas inspired lightings provide an immersive environment for all players, experienced or new.


Upon launching the Vegas Jackpot Keno game, players are presented with a game board consisting of 80 numbers, a distinctive feature of a traditional keno game. Players have the liberty to pick up to ten numbers on the board. Once the numbers are selected, the game automatically draws twenty balls. The objective of the game is to try to match as many of your selected numbers with the numbers on the twenty balls. Vegas Jackpot Keno introduces an interesting twist in the keno gameplay. The game offers a unique feature where the last number drawn could double your winnings if it matches one of the numbers you have chosen. This feature significantly raises the thrill and potential winnings in the game. Rival has fitted the game with a friendly and effortless user interface. On-screen buttons help you choose numbers, clear your selection, or play with the same selection in successive rounds. The game's speed is adjustable, offering players a chance to tweak the pacing to their desired speed.

Bonus Features

  • Vegas Jackpot Keno comes with a considerable jackpot that can be won when all ten numbers selected by the player match the numbers on the balls drawn. This, added to the gameplay, gives the game a significant winning potential.
  • The doubling feature is another bonus element in the game. It is activated when the last number drawn matches one of the selected numbers. This leads to a doubling of the winnings, hence significantly raising the potential payout.
  • Another captivating feature of Vegas Jackpot Keno is its playability on both desktop and mobile devices. This compatibility with different platforms ensures you can enjoy the game wherever and whenever you want.


Vegas Jackpot Keno by Rival, hosted on Shazam Casino, is a well-crafted casino game that skillfully blends traditional Keno with the allure of Las Vegas. The engaging theme, paired with a user-friendly interface and exciting bonus features, make this game a must-try for any casino game lover. Whether you are an experienced Keno player or new to the casino scene, this game guarantees an enjoyable, adrenaline-filled gambling experience.

The possibility of winning a considerable jackpot, or doubling your winnings makes each round of play intense and exciting. The added convenience of playability on multiple platforms only serves to endorse Vegas Jackpot Keno as a top favourite among casino games. Whether you are chilling at home, on a break at work, or on the move, Vegas Jackpot Keno is always within your reach for a thrilling casino experience.

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