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If you're a fan of classic murder mystery novels, then Saucify's Whodunit game at Shazam Casino will quickly become a favorite of yours. This thrilling casino game seamlessly combines the ambiance of detective stories with the excitement of online gambling to keep players on the edge of their seats. The game design and graphics of Whodunit is indeed something to talk about. It features well-developed characters that you typically find in mystery novels - a crafty detective, a dubious servant, a mysterious dame, and a wealthy tycoon.

The game is set against a backdrop of an old, eerie mansion, shrouded in mystery, adorned with vintage furnishings. The soundtrack features classic suspenseful tunes reminiscent of old detective movies, further enhancing the game's atmosphere. Through this immersive and intricate theme, Saucify proved once more their proficiency in crafting exceptional casino games.


In terms of gameplay, Whodunit certainly does not disappoint. This is a five-reel, three-row video slot game with 40 paylines. Players of all experience levels will appreciate the game's simple and straightforward mechanics. However, don't be fooled by the simplicity - the game offers plenty of opportunities to win, thanks to the various symbols that can trigger different combinations.

The lowest value symbols are represented by classic card icons, from 9 to Ace, while higher-value symbols are represented by various character icons each with their own value:

  • The detective is the most lucrative symbol, rewarding players with up to 1000x their stake.
  • The dame and the tycoon reward players with up to 400x their stake.
  • The servant pays out up to 200x.

Before each spin, players can adjust their stake range from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $50, providing flexibility for both conservative bettors and high rollers. Automatic spins feature is also available for those who prefer to sit back and watch the mystery unfold.

Bonus Features

Beyond the typical gameplay, Whodunit also offers plenty of intriguing bonus features designed to enhance player engagement and winning potential. One of these features is the wild symbol, depicted by the secret dossier, which can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, except for the scatter, to form winning combinations.

The scatter symbol, shown as the mansion icon, triggers the free spins feature when 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels. During the free spins feature, all winnings are multiplied by the total bet staked, significantly increasing the player's potential winnings.

The bonus round, known as the "Clue Collection" feature, is where the Whodunit game truly shines. Triggered by the magnifying glass symbol, this bonus round features a board game style where players collect clues to reveal the killer. The more clues collected, the bigger the rewards. This feature not only increases the winning potential, but it also adeptly incorporates the detective theme into the gameplay, adding an extra layer of suspense and excitement.


In conclusion, the Whodunit game by Saucify is a well-crafted, captivating casino game that combines an intricate murder mystery theme with a thrilling gambling experience. From its atmospheric setting and graphics to its engaging gameplay and lucrative bonus features, Whodunit offers players more than just a chance to win. It offers a complete gaming experience that is immersive, entertaining, and highly rewarding.

Try your detective skills on the reels of Whodunit game at Shazam Casino today and immerse yourself in a world of mystery, suspense, and ample winnings. Whether you're in it for the theme, the gameplay, or the potential profits, Whodunit is definitely worth a spin.

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