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Xoc Dia is an exciting unique casino game offered by the renowned gaming manufacturer, CQ9, and featured prominently on the Shazam Casino platform. The game is based on a traditional Vietnamese gambling game, giving it an exotic and atmospheric appeal that sets it apart from the typical casino offerings. The game flawlessly combines the traditional aspects with CQ9’s innovative technology, creating a highly attractive and engaging casino game. The brilliantly designed ethnic interface of Xoc Dia gives the player a feeling of directly engaging in the exotic gambling cultures of Vietnam.


The gameplay of Xoc Dia is relatively simple and straightforward. Comprising 4 chips (in white and red), the game is essentially a wager on the outcome of these chips after they have been shaken. The simplicity in design and direct gameplay makes Xoc Dia both easy to understand and enjoyable to partake in, making it more accessible for casino enthusiasts of varying experience levels. Players select a bet from a number of betting options, and if the outcome of the shaken chips matches the bet, a win is secured.

  • 1 colored chip and 3 of another color: This is the simplest and most straightforward bet where you wager on a result that would include 1 chip of one color and 3 of another.
  • 4 colored chips: This bet option allows the gambler to bet on the outcome where all the 4 chips will be of the same color.
  • Odd or Even: This wager is placed on the outcome that comprises an odd or even number of colored chips

Bonus Features

One of the appealing aspects of Xoc Dia is the bonus features that spice up the whole gaming experience, adding an extra dimension to the relatively simple gameplay. The rewards in these bonus features can significantly increase the winnings of a player. The bonus features in Xoc Dia game mainly revolve around the 4 colored chips wager where if you manage to guess the correct color of all the four chips, you would secure a hefty reward. There are also other rewards and multipliers for guesses of other outcomes. These bonuses not only provide players with numerous winning opportunities but also add a fun and unpredictable element to the game. The generous rewards, coupled with the straightforward gameplay, make Xoc Dia from CQ9 an enticing option for both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the online casino gaming scene.


With a unique theme that transports players to the traditional gambling scene of Vietnam, easy gameplay, and appealing bonus features, Xoc Dia by CQ9 stands out among the casino games on the Shazam Casino platform. Whether you are looking for a game that offers a quick play option or a high stake wager with potential high returns, Xoc Dia strikes a balance between simplicity and robust playing options. Players will undoubtedly enjoy the thrill this game brings, along with the opportunity to gather significant rewards. Xoc Dia by CQ9 definitely presents a unique gaming experience that is hard to come by in the usual casino offerings. Against the backdrop of the Vietnamese gambling culture, it is indeed a game to try out for any casino enthusiast or any player looking for something that breaks away from the norm.

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