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Today, we're going to step into the magic and mystery of Alkemors Tower, a spellbinding casino game by highly-acclaimed Betsoft and featured on the Shazam Casino platform. This game takes us on a journey into the world of a wise, old wizard, enchanting players with its delightful visuals, captivating sounds, and dynamic gameplay.


This 3D video slot game incorporates an enchantment theme with an element of fantasy. When you load the Alkemors Tower game by Betsoft on the Shazam Casino platform, it immediately sets you on an epic journey. Your destination? The enchanted world of Alkemor - a wizard with powerful spells that hold the key to your fortune. The detailed graphics and fitting sound effects immerse players into the world of unknown. The ornate castle, vivid spells' symbols, and the animated wizard Alkemor, all contribute to creating a thoroughly captivating atmosphere.


Alkemors Tower is a 5-reel, and upto 243 payline game. The game offers an adventure with every spin, where your role is to assist the wizard Alkemor in casting his spells. It offers various coin ranges from 0.02 to 1.00 to suit both high-rollers and budget players. With every win combination, Alkemor, who stands on the left side of the reels, celebrates your winnings with you, adding an interactive dimension to the game.

What sets the gameplay apart in this Betsoft offering is that instead of a standard Wild symbol, Alkemor's Tower uses an Elemental Spell effect. Every time an Elemental Symbol (Water, Earth, Air, or Fire) appears with a Spell Book on reel 1 and 2, a different Elemental Spell is cast, triggering unique effects on the reels and potentially conjuring big wins. This unique feature brings an exciting twist to the traditional slot formula.

Bonus Features

Alkemors Tower goes above and beyond when it comes to bonus offerings, treating players to a slew of intriguing bonus features built to enhance the gameplay and potential to score big. They include:

  • Elemental Spells Feature: This feature is activated when Spell Book icons appear on reels 1 and 2 and an Elemental symbol on reel 3. Each element — fire, water, air, and earth — brings its own unique spell that changes the outcome of your spin.
  • The Vine: Acts as a wild on reel 3 for all other symbols except the Elemental icons and can "devour" other symbols in their row or column, awarding instant cash prizes for each consumed.
  • The Black Hole: Also acts like a wild on reel 3 and follows the same rules as The Vine, but it can devour symbols diagonally as well.
  • The Celestial Floor & Nature Floor Free Spins: Spell Books on reels 1 and 2, combined with either a Celestial Floor or Nature Floor symbol on reel 3, teleport players to one of the two towers. Here, players are awarded freespins where they can accrue substantial wins.


Alkemors Tower is a delightful fusion of magic, chance, and strategy, offering an immersive gaming experience that's unique in its design and thoroughly engaging in its gameplay. Betsoft has once again demonstrated why they remain leaders in the 3D slot game industry, delivering a game that packs a blend of interactive gameplay, multi-level features, and high-definition graphics.

From the dynamic bonus systems to the flexible betting range, the game caters to players of all experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie, the Alkemors Tower game on Shazam Casino welcomes you to delve into the mystical and emerge with a fortune. Take up your wizard's staff, and may the magic guide you to your winnings.

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