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Behind The Mask from Dicelab is a superb casino game that reimagines the masked balls of the Venetian noble era, offering players a magically intriguing and luxurious gaming experience. With its rich graphics and immense attention to detail, the game is a vivid visual treat that delivers not only on the aesthetics but also promises an enthralling narrative. Behind the Mask revels in a stunning atmosphere of mystery and allure, making it a standout release in the Shazam Casino repertoire.

Accompanied by a soothing, classy soundtrack that continually keeps players on edge with its mysterious undertones, the theme exudes opulence and rich, Italian magnificence. This echoes through its visually striking symbols - featuring flamboyantly ornate masks, beautiful dancing dames, gallant cavaliers, and more - that pay homage to Venice’s iconic Carnevale. It's an enchanting blend of history, mystery, and grandeur, straight out of an Italian fairytale!


Behind The Mask provides a classic 5-reel slot game structure with high definition graphics that captivate players into the colourful Venetian cityscape. The game also possesses up to 20-pay lines that can be adjusted according to the player's betting strategy and maximum payouts. Combining low, medium, and high-value symbols, it creates plenty of opportunities for different winning combinations.

The interactive, user-friendly interface is highly intuitive, offering convenient buttons for placing bets, adjusting wager lines, and automatic spinning. It also includes requisite features such as ‘Max Bet’ for thrill-seekers and ‘Auto Play’ for a more relaxed gaming experience. What's more, Behind The Mask guarantees a remarkable return to player (RTP) percentage, enhancing the overall winning potential and engagement factor for players across various skill levels.

Bonus Features

Behind The Mask is peppered with an array of lucrative bonus features that spice up the gaming experience at Dicelab’s Shazam Casino platform. These features include:

  • Wild Symbols: This feature substitutes all symbols (except the scatter symbol) in the game, thereby increasing the chances of a winning combination manifold.
  • Scatter Symbols: Landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers a certain number of free spins for players, a feature that enhances the potential for big wins.
  • Free Spins: Linked with Scatter Symbols, the Free Spins feature, coupled with Multipliers, can significantly maximize payouts.
  • Multipliers: Included within the Free Spins feature, these increase your winnings significantly when actively in play.


Combining an enthralling theme with engaging gameplay and exciting bonus features, Behind The Mask by Dicelab at Shazam Casino makes for an exhilarating gaming experience. It takes players on a journey through time, allowing them to immerse themselves in the rich cultural and historical backdrop of Venetian grandeur, while also presenting the chance to win impressive payouts. Its allure lies not just in its visual charm and soundtrack, but also in the opportunity it provides for players to strategize and potentially reap substantial rewards.

Whether you're a newbie in the world of online casino games or a seasoned player looking for something different, Behind The Mask offers an appealing mix of intrigue, adventure, and opportunities to win. With its top-notch graphics, generous RTP, well-designed and adaptable user-interface and intriguing bonus features, it ensures a memorable gaming experience. The game promises not just a play, but a spectacle - one where every spin unravels a bit more of the beguiling merriment that is Venice’s Carnevale.

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