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Chilly And Willie is one of the most vibrant and stimulating offerings from Nucleus Gaming, an acclaimed provider in the online casino game industry. Unveiled exclusively at the Shazam casino, Chilly And Willie offers an immersive environment centered around the fun and frosty adventures of two penguin friends. The game features exceptional thematic graphics, depicting an icy Antarctica setting where Chilly and Willie navigate treacherous seas full of icebergs and frozen chunks. The attractive visuals, combined with upbeat, frost-themed soundtracks, offer a distinctive gaming experience that sets it apart from other casino games. Nucleus Gaming has retained and enhanced its trademark animation quality in this game, making it a visually stunning gaming masterpiece.


The gameplay of Chilly And Willie is deeply engaging and entertaining. It offers a 5 reel layout, with up to 20 paylines, that keeps players enthusiastically invested in the game. The symbols utilise a mix of themed and traditional elements, where you’ll uncover icebergs, buoys, fishing nets, and more amidst the usual card symbols like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9.

The game is suitable for varying play styles with its flexible betting range, starting from as low as 0.02 up to 1.00 per coin. Players also have the option to adjust the number of paylines to match their betting strategy, which can significantly impact the game's pace and outcomes. Coin per line maxes out at five, making the maximum bet to be 100 when all paylines are active. The game boasts an impressive return to player rate (RTP) of 96.7%, promising substantial payouts.

Bonus Features

Chilly And Willie comes packed with a multitude of bonus features:

  • Wild Symbol:The Wild symbol in the game is the bright red buoy, that substitutes for all other symbols except for Scatter and bonus symbols to create winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol:The Scatter symbol is represented by the fish symbol, and obtaining three or more of these triggers Free Spins mode.
  • Free Spins Mode:This feature gives players extra spins without additional cost, increasing their chances to win.
  • Bonus Round:When three or more penguin Bonus symbols appear, it triggers a Bonus Round where players control Chilly and Willie's fishing expedition for additional rewards.


In conclusion, Chilly And Willie is a highly engaging and aesthetically pleasing game introduced to the Shazam casino by Nucleus Gaming. It combines a whimsical, fun and action-packed theme with a strategic and interactive gameplay experience that will undoubtedly captivate both casual and avid casino gamers alike. Plus, a plethora of bonus feature enhances the overall gameplay, making it hard for players to say goodbye to the adorable duo, Chilly and Willie, their chilled adventure, and the possibility of robust rewards.

Overall, Nucleus Gaming has truly outdone itself with this captivating game. Chilly And Willie is a top pick for those seeking a casino game that offers a potent combination of fun, strategy, engagement, and the potential for significant wins.

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