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Choco Bunny Hop game delivers an enchanting theme popular at the Shazam Casino, perfectly crafted to whisk players away into a fantasy world. The game's charm lies in its playful story, centered around a chocolate-loving bunny on his journey through a candy-filled wonderland. Vibrant graphics, a lively and jovial color scheme, and delightful animations make this game a feast for the eyes. The theme subtly combines a unique blend of adventure and whimsy, with a hint of nostalgia for those who were fond of candy-themed board games in their childhood. Enveloped with scrumptious and mouthwatering digital art of various candies and chocolates, the theme is truly captivating and appealing to a broad audience.


The Choco Bunny Hop game offers a fetching gameplay, characterized by simple, intuitive controls and a straightforward objective: collect as many chocolates as possible while avoiding obstacles. These elements form the heart and soul of this captivating casino game. Players bet on different rounds, and the stakes progress as the bunny hops from one level to another. A special feature is the 'Chocolate Rush', where the bunny frantically collects as many sweets as it can before the time runs out.

  • It offers multiple betting options to suit players with varied stakes
  • The dynamic difficulty level increases the suspense, luring players back round after round
  • The randomly generated power-ups immensely enhance variability and unpredictability, maintaining the thrill throughout the gameplay
  • Choco bunny Hop is responsive and intuitive, catering well to both beginners and experienced players

Bonus Features

Ripe with bonus features, the Choco Bunny Hop game sprinkles in even more excitement. Gaining the 'Golden Carrot' launches a bonus round, offering the player a whole new set of challenges and rewards. Moreover, 'Sugar Bomb' multiplies the bunny's candy collection and consequently the score, thereby multiplying the player's payout. Lastly, 'Candy rain' is an exceptional feature that literally makes it rain candies in the game, opening a limited time frame for the player to gather as many sweets as possible. These features collectively amplify the gaming experience and the winning chances for players.


In conclusion, the Choco Bunny Hop game provided by Urgent Games, enjoyed heavily at Shazam Casino, delivers a compelling and high-quality gaming experience. Its charming theme coupled with brilliant gameplay and exhilarating bonus features makes for an engaging and rewarding experience. Whether you are a seasoned casino gamer or a newcomer, the game's simple approach and captivating mechanics ensure a great time for all. Choco Bunny Hop is not just a game but a merry adventure that promises endless fun and thrilling rewards!

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