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The Crocodile Hunt game, developed by Rival, invites players on a journey into the wild, exciting and unexplored terrains of the Australian outback. The beautiful design elements, impressive graphics, and thrilling audio make it an immersive casino game popular at the Shazam casino. The game's theme revolves around hunting crocodiles, injecting an adrenaline rush that only enhances your gaming experience. The backdrop features a muddy brown river where you'll encounter ferocious crocodiles, ready to fight back! The symbols tie impeccably into the theme, offering a mix of crocodiles, hunting gear, wildlife, among other thematic riffs.


The gameplay of the Crocodile Hunt game is accessible and captivating, ensuring that both rookies and veterans have a memorable gaming session. The game is a standard 5-reel slot with 20 possible paylines, promising frequent wins. There are numerous levels payout multipliers going up to a maximum of 5x, and ample opportunities for players to win big. Gamers brace themselves to encounter the dangerous ‘Crocodile Wild,' which substitutes for any image on the screen to complete a winning line and doubles your wins. The Crocodile Hunt by Rival also boasts a remarkable RTP rate of over 96%, indicating fair play and a higher possibility for bumper payouts.

Bonus Features

  1. The Crocodile Hunt takes bonus features to a whole new level by introducing special characteristics that significantly improve winnings. For starters, the Scatter Bonus feature triggers free spins whenever three or more Scatter symbols (depicted by the canoe) appear on the reels. When activated, this offers up to 20 free spins and triples all wins.
  2. Then there's the unique 'Hunting Bonus' round, only accessible if you land on three or more Bonus symbols on any of the reels. You are transported to another setting where you take on the role of a hunter in search of crocodiles. Your winnings increase with every crocodile you catch, thus increasing the excitement and making the game all the more thrilling.
  3. Ultimately, the risky 'Gamble Feature,' allows courageous players to double or lose their winnings by guessing the correct card suit. This feature adds an extra layer of thrill and unpredictability that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Crocodile Hunt game by Rival is a casino game that perfectly combines an adventurous theme with rewarding bonuses and smooth gameplay. As it is featured in Shazam Casino, its quality, fairness, and fun factor are unquestioned. Its detailed graphics, matching soundtrack, and thrilling bonuses make it a game worth trying out for any casino gaming enthusiast.

The inclusion of immersive bonus features along with an impressive RTP rate creates a perfect blend of a thrilling and rewarding game for the players. Whether it's the chance to exponentially increase your earnings through the Gamble Feature or hoping to land the Hunting Bonus, the Crocodile Hunt always has something exciting to offer. Its seamless integration on the Shazam Casino platform ensures that gamers can enjoy this thrilling slot game anytime and anywhere. So, get ready to jump into the wild outback and start hunting alongside the fearsome crocodiles that inhabit the murky waters of the Crocodile Hunt slot game!

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