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The Deuces And Joker game presented by Rival and hosted by Shazam Casino, transports you to the glitzy and glamorous world of classic Las Vegas casinos. Beautifully designed with rich, vibrant colours, eye-catching animations, and sleek crisp graphics, this game promises an authentic, exciting casino gaming experience. The interface is clean and straightforward, featuring the traditional card deck with an added twist - all deuces and the joker card act as wild cards, thus bringing an intriguing layer of complexity to the game that old-hand poker buffs and newbies alike will enjoy.


The gameplay of Deuces And Joker is smooth, lucid, and engaging, ensuring players of all levels can enjoy it. The game begins by placing a bet, after which five cards are dealt. The aim of the player is to construct a strong poker hand. The deuces (twos) and the joker serve as wild cards, and can substitute any card in a deck, thus adding a considerable strategic element to the traditional poker game.

One of the key gameplay features of Deuces And Joker, that makes it particularly engaging, is the double-or-nothing gamble feature. This feature is activated after each winning hand, where players get the opportunity to either collect their winnings or gamble for a chance to double them. The choice is yours and adds an extra thrill to the already dynamic gameplay.

Bonus Features

  • The most exciting bonus feature in Deuces And Joker game is the outstanding jackpot. A player can earn up to 10,000 coins by achieving the Natural Royal Flush hand when betting five coins. To win this significant award, the player's hand must contain a Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit without the assistance of the four Deuces or the Joker.
  • Another attractive bonus feature to look out for is the 4 Deuces and a Joker winning combination. When you land this ultra-rare hand, you guarantee yourself a substantial win of 2000 coins, regardless of your original bet.
  • Further, the game offers generous payouts for other winning combinations, such as 4 Deuces (1000 coins) and Wild Royal Flush (125 coins).


Rival's Deuces And Joker is a compelling online casino game with a luxury theme and high-quality graphics. It adds an exciting twist on traditional poker and offers players the chance to win big through thrilling gameplay and attractive bonus features. It caters to both seasoned poker players and those just getting their feet wet in the world of online casino gaming.

Moreover, the game's host, Shazam Casino, provides a safe, secure, and user-friendly gaming environment, allowing you to dive into the gameplay with pleasant anticipation and peace of mind.

In conclusion, Deuces And Joker at Shazam Casino delivers an immersive experience filled with fun, intrigue, and the allure of significant monetary rewards. If you are a poker gaming enthusiast, this game should be on your must-play list.

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