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Diamond Cherries game by Rival presents you a classic theme that evokes a nostalgic atmosphere. The aesthetic feels like a throwback to the traditional casino settings. The game uses classic symbols such as single, double, triple bars, diamond symbols, and of course, the diamond cherries. The color palette focused on stark contrasts, mostly black, white, and different shades of red, beautifully emulates the mood of a real casino floor. Rival has rightly used minimalistic graphics and pleasant, unobtrusive audio that creates an immersive environment. Be ready to take a ride on the retro rollercoaster with Diamond Cherries.


The Diamond Cherries game, despite its vintage appearance, has quite the straightforward gameplay one would expect from any modern slot game. The game features a 3-reel, one payline set-up, which is perfect for both gaming novices and experts.

  • To start playing, you set your coin value, the number of coins per spin, and then hit the Spin button.
  • The game allows betting from as low as 0.01 to a maximum of 30 coins per spin, making it appropriate for both conservative bettors and high-rollers.
  • Key displays on the screen, such as the 'Total Bet' and 'Win,' help you track your betting and winnings effortlessly.

Fast pace, swift animations, and sleek functionality of Diamond Cherries on Shazam Casino contribute to an intriguing user experience.

Bonus Features

The Diamond Cherries game doesn't have a plethora of bonus features, but it does have some critical add-ons to keep the entertainment flowing. Although the game lacks free spins or multipliers, it makes up for it with a wild symbol and a generous payout schedule.

The Diamond Cherries symbol is a wild multiplier, meaning its involvement in a winning combination can multiply the winnings.

  • A single diamond cherries symbol in a winning combination doubles the payout.
  • Two diamond cherries in a winning conjunction triple the payout.
  • Three Diamond Cherries can win you up to 2500 coins if you have bet three coins,1500 for two coins bet, and 750 for one coin bet.

These bonus features, though minimal, significantly enhance the thrill and potential of hefty pay-outs.


The Diamond Cherries game expertly blends a classic theme with simple and engaging gameplay. It's a commendable creation by Rival and a game worth exploring on Shazam Casino. Despite the absence of modern and intricate bonus features, Diamond Cherries encapsulates the essence of traditional casino gaming. The interface is user-friendly with clear instructions, making the game a win-win for first-timers and veterans alike. Its elegant design brings to your screen the vibrant feel of a vintage casino. Minor yet potent features, such as the wild multiplier, add a sprinkle of excitement.

Whether you want a trip down memory lane to the good old days of gambling or seek to appreciate the sheer beauty of minimalism, the Diamond Cherries Game is a gallant choice. It's a trip back in time that could potentially lead to significant rewards. Play now on Shazam Casino and enjoy a sophisticated and timeless gaming experience.

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