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Fortune Digging: Gold Rush


The Fortune Digging game, developed by DiceLab, takes you on a thrilling journey of adventure and discovery. Set against the exhilarating backdrop of an ancient treasure hunt, this casino game strikes a perfect harmony between immersive storytelling and the excitement of traditional casino entertainment. The player’s aim is to dig deep into the earth's core in search of hidden gems and treasures while dodging various obstacles. The labyrinth design, beautiful graphics, compelling sound effects, and the intriguing storyline set Fortune Digging game apart from a conventional casino game and place it under the category of an adventure-themed gambling experience.


The Fortune Digging game has a creative and engaging gameplay structure that thoroughly absorbs the player into the world of ancient treasure hunting. With five reels and up to 25 paylines, the game provides a variety of betting possibilities to the player. Utilizing quality graphical software, DiceLab ensures the fine lines, rich colors, and overall appeal of the game drive players into an immersive environment of fortune hunting, making the gaming experience nothing short of an adventure.

Not only does this game cater to seasoned casino players, but it also welcomes beginners with an easy-to-understand game structure and a guide that instructs on the strategic points. Players are required to place bets, spin the reels, and wait for the combination to appear. Winning combinations trigger a payout that depends on the type of symbols combined. Higher value symbols yield a higher payout.

In playing this game, DiceLab has encompassed an option, ‘Shazam Casino’, where players are offered unique categories of slots that enhance their gaming fun. The game speed and accompanying music can also adjust as per the personal preference of the players.

Bonus Features

The bonus features in the Fortune Digging game set it even further apart from the standard casino offerings. Key bonus features include:

  • Wild Symbol: This feature replaces all other symbols on the reel enhancing your chance to hit a winning combination.
  • Scatter Symbol: This symbol triggers Free Spins. Getting more scatter symbols awards the player with more spins.
  • Bonus Game: A mini-game gets triggered by a specific combination of symbols. This game-in-game lets users have extra wins but also adds an extra element of surprise and thrill.
  • Multiplier: Seen in the free spin rounds or bonus game, this feature multiplies the winnings by a certain factor, which can go as high as 10x or more.
  • Gamble Feature: This feature allows players to stake their wins in a 50/50 bet to win double or lose everything.


With its exciting treasure hunting theme, intuitive gameplay, thrilling bonuses, impressive graphics, and stellar sound design, the Fortune Digging game by DiceLab delivers an exceptional casino gaming experience. The anticipation to unearth hidden treasures and the possibility of striking a fortune make the experience thrilling and engaging at every turn. Being part of the Shazam Casino, Fortune Digging also offers unique slot categories for the players to venture, increasing the chance for players to win big. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned casino participant, Fortune Digging undoubtedly caters to all types of players with its range of features and the overall spectacle it provides. This is one hunt that guarantees fortune, fun, and a fantastic gaming experience.

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