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The Goddess Of Harvest game, developed by Urgent games, is an enchanting casino game with a captivating rural theme that immerses the players into an agricultural world. Set against the backdrop of calming rural landscapes, this game intertwines the thrilling casino experience with a simplistic, however, fascinating theme centered around the Goddess of Harvest, from which the game borrows its title. The music, imagery, and overall atmosphere created manage to root the game firmly in the heartland of rural tranquility, while not losing the essence of it being an exciting, suspenseful casino game.

This fun-filled chorus of colors and nature's beauty found in the Goddess Of Harvest game is perfectly suited for players looking for a relaxing yet stimulating gaming environment. The exquisite design of the game provides a visually pleasing experience, reflecting the tranquilizing aura of the countryside, while the implementation of harvest-themed symbols keeps the context of the game alive. The symbols include a variety of related items such as grains, fruits, livestock, and so on, which are tied with the rewarding system of the game.


Focusing on the gameplay of Goddess Of Harvest, Urgent games has done an exceptional job in creating an engaging and interactive gameplay experience. The rules of the game are relatively straightforward, designed to be user-friendly to both beginners and veteran gamers.

The game comprises a prevalent 5-reel format, making it an easy transition for players familiar with other slot games. However, it sets itself apart with an array of unique features such as multipliers, scatters and wilds, all designed to elevate the player’s engagement and offer multiple paths to winning.

One can experience this delightful game at Shazam Casino, where it has already gained a considerable following. The simplicity of the game play, along with exciting twists, affirm the popularity of Goddess Of Harvest.

Bonus Features

The Goddess Of Harvest distinguishes itself in the arena of online slots with its exciting range of bonus features. These features not only make the playing experience more thrilling but also significantly increase the player’s potential returns. These unique features include:

  • Wild symbol - Replaces other symbols to create a winning combination.
  • Scatter symbol - Offers free spins and multiplier rewards.
  • Bonus game - Activates on specific combinations, allowing the players to reap additional benefits.

The symbols, intriguing as they are, form an integral part of the game, as these dictate your winnings – the larger the matched symbolic combination, the bigger the reward! Moreover, the free spins offered give the players a chance for a bonus round to boost their winnings.

Another eye-catching feature includes an inbuilt mini-game that triggers on hitting specific symbol combinations. This mini-game presents an allure of its own, offering a change of pace and a chance to win additional rewards.


To conclude, the Goddess Of Harvest game formulated by Urgent games provides an immersive casino experience that is not only enjoyable but also rewarding. Hosted by Shazam Casino, this game succeeds in marrying the rural tranquility with the thrill of slot games, making it a unique experience for gamers.

With its simplistic yet engaging gameplay, combined with an array of generous bonus features, Goddess Of Harvest manages to create a unique spot for itself in the realm of online slot games. If peace and thrill are what you seek, Goddess Of Harvest is where your search ends!

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