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Explore the chilly yet thrilling world of Ice Scratch Bronze powered by Bgaming and exclusively hosted on Shazam Casino. This pacy game entices players with its arctic vibe and a multitude of chances to win big.


True to its name, Ice Scratch Bronze plunges players into a frosty, polar wonderland. You'll find yourself surrounded by an icy landscape, complete with shimmering white snowflakes, which makes the graphical interface unusually compelling. The well-constructed graphics and sleek animation that Bgaming is renowned for are on full display in this immersive, cool-blue setting. Even the game's logo is encrusted with ice, reinforcing the game's frosty theme while indirectly hinting that playing this game might just help in breaking the ice to massive winnings!


The gameplay of Ice Scratch Bronze by Bgaming is simple and delightful - it's easy to grasp, even for beginners in online casino gaming. While there is an element of familiarity in scratch card games, this one adds a touch of icy thrill to make it stand out. Players are offered five chances to scratch off coverings from the shiny 3x3 card grid with obscured symbols.

Each uncovered symbol offers a specific multiplier on your bet, giving you a chance to bag hefty winnings. You can opt for a quick scratch-off or uncover each symbol one-by-one to prolong the suspense. The game allows players to easily adjust their bet size, which affords both small and large stake players the same exhilarating experience. Plus, Ice Scratch Bronze provides an autoplay feature that can be set between 10 and 1000 auto spins for each player difficulty preference.

Bonus Features

Ice Scratch Bronze does not disappoint when it comes to bonus features fostering mega wins. The excitement intensifies when the game reveals these potential rewards:

  • Ice Scratch Multiplier: Every ice-covered symbol pertains to a unique multiplier. This can range from 1x to a whopping 10,000x, so if you get three identical symbols, brace yourself for a gigantic win.
  • Random Bonus Symbol: An exciting element of suspense comes into play with the Random Bonus Symbol, which can replace any other symbol to deliver a win. Players experience the thrill of not knowing what this symbol could be until it gets scratched off.


Ice Scratch Bronze, a classic Bgaming masterpiece, is a chillingly exciting casino game that brings a unique spin on regular scratch card games. It provides a perfect blend of engaging gameplay, an impressive icy theme, and rewarding bonus features straight to your gaming device of choice. Exclusively available on Shazam Casino, Ice Scratch Bronze will absolutely not leave you cold!

Whether you're new to online gaming or a seasoned casino enthusiast, this game promises an adventure that couples simplicity with the thrill of substantial prizes. Packed with multiple opportunities to win and filled with icy enchantment, it's time to scratch off the ice and reveal your fortune with Ice Scratch Bronze.

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