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The mystical allure and dramatic ambiance of the Brazilian underworld come to life in Jogo Do Bicho Simple, a riveting casino game by Bgaming. This unique game draws players into an intriguing world of Brazilian folklore, where they are invited to test their luck and strategy skills in an environment inspired by the popular Brazilian game, Jogo Do Bicho, or "The Animal Game". Vibrant colors and intricate graphics set the stage for a thrilling gaming journey, with an easy-to-navigate user interface allowing players of all levels to dive right into the action.

The dazzling theme offers a perfect blend of authenticity and modern gaming technology, delivering a captivating experience that keeps players thoroughly engaged. Bgaming ensures a seamless integration of cultural artistry and advanced gameplay mechanics, providing an unforgettable ride deep into the heart of Brazilian traditions available on Shazam Casino.


Jogo Do Bicho Simple's gameplay is straightforward yet deeply immersive, appealing both to novices getting their feet wet and seasoned gamers looking for a fresh challenge. Players start off by selecting an animal symbol that corresponds to certain numbers. Once they've chosen their animal, they place a bet on whether their number will be drawn from the randomized pool.

Bgaming has taken extensive measures to guarantee that Jogo Do Bicho Simple's gameplay experience is intuitive, yet captivating. The game's design is centered around ensuring that players always feel in control while offering enough opportunities for strategizing and improvising. In addition, to keep things thrilling, Bgaming incorporated a high level of randomness, ensuring no two games are identical.

Bonus Features

Jogo Do Bicho Simple comes with a host of lucrative bonus features geared towards enhancing your gaming epic. Players are continually incentivized by the game's unique bonus offerings which include:

  • A multi-layered ladder of progressively larger wins
  • Frequent exciting Jackpot and Super Jackpot rounds
  • Random animal bonuses that offer compelling surprises and rewards

These enticing rewards continuously engage players and boost the gaming experience while offering plenty of opportunities to accumulate substantial winnings. The added thrill of the Jackpot and Super Jackpot rounds offers high stakes action for players of all backgrounds and experiences.


In a world of generic online casino experiences, Jogo Do Bicho Simple stands out. By fusing a unique Brazilian theme with advanced gameplay options, Bgaming has created an engaging and appealing gaming experience. Its smooth graphics and immersive sound effects transport players straight into the Brazilian jungle, while the potential for big payouts makes it even more exciting.

Jogo Do Bicho Simple offers something for everyone, from its easy-to-understand gaming interface to its engaging bonus features. Whether you're a casual gamer looking to enjoy some fun or a serious player on a quest for substantial earnings, this game promises an exciting adventure on Shazam Casino. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of intrigue and vibrant energy - play Jogo Do Bicho Simple by Bgaming today!

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