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Prepare to be engrossed into the deep blue sea with Spadegaming's captivating casino game, Fishing God. Set with an undersea backdrop, filled with a colorful array of marine life, Fishing God faithfully recreates the thrilling experience of underwater hunting. This game perfectly blends in a tranquil sea ambiance with inviting sunken treasures that whets the player's adventurous spirit. Aesthetically, this game stands out from the crowd with its vibrant colors, smooth animations, and a realistic underwater soundscape complementing the action. Casino lovers have been flocking to Shazam Casino to embark on this enthralling deep-sea fishing escapade.


The Fishing God game offers an interactive gameplay that is simple yet engaging. To start, players purchase ammunition for their guns to aim and shoot at the fish that swim across the screen. Each fish has a value, and the bigger the fish, the higher the payout. The game employs a multi-player format, allowing up to 4 players to compete against each other at a given time, thereby adding a layer of competitive thrill to the game.

Some of the key gameplay aspects include:

  • Diverse range of colorful sea creatures, each with different payouts.
  • Multiples guns to choose from, with varying firepower and net sizes.
  • The challenge of hitting fast-dodging small fishes and the excitement of hewing down large elusive sea creatures.
  • The shared fish pool, wherein all players aim for the same sea creatures, making for a competitive gameplay environment.

Bonus Features

Spadegaming ensures a rewarding experience with Fishing God by incorporating a slew of bonus features that significantly enhance the potential for winning. Players can scoop up high-value payouts by hunting down rare large fish, with each killed fish yielding a higher number of points.

A unique feature is the 'Random Fish' bonus where at any time, a school of fish may appear on the screen, providing players with the opportunity for a bonus catch. Similarly, the 'Special Crab' bonus presents players a chance to multiply their score manifold by catching this elusive creature.

Another exciting bonus feature is the 'Chain Lightning Fish' which when caught, electrocutes and kills all the fish of the same type visible on the screen, thereby multiplying the player's score. Then, there's the 'Bomb Crab' – shooting it detonates an explosion that kills all the fish in the area and duly rewards the shooter with the accumulated points.


With Fishing God, Spadegaming has managed to offer an unconventional yet highly entertaining casino game. Its immersive underwater theme, simple yet thrilling gameplay, and bountiful bonus features make it an attractive proposition for both seasoned and newcomer players. There’s no surprise that players visiting Shazam Casino are hooked onto Fishing God, and are diving in deeper into the gameplay for an invigorating gaming experience. If you're looking for a break from the traditional slot games and feel like experimenting with something unique and engaging, Fishing God might just be the ideal game to reel you in.

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