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Step into a captivating world of vibrant colours and fantastical charm with Betsoft's Monster Pop game. Offering a slide into the realm of wacky and whimsical monsters that will capture your imagination and offer distinctive gaming experience. The detailed, high-quality graphics of the game create a lively atmosphere, bringing each monster to life on your screen. Monster Pop invites you to delve into a world of cute yet strangely appealing monsters who jump, spin and explode in a burst of colours. Each character has its own unique personality and animation, which adds a touch of humour and fun to the game play.


The Monster Pop game breaks away from traditional slot games with a grid that starts as a 5x5 playable area but can expand up to a 13x13 grid with a series of expanding monster cloner symbols. This grid system provides players with a greater chance to form winning combinations. The game utilises the cluster pays system, with wins achieved by landing four or more identical monsters in a group; either vertically or horizontally. Players are able to adjust their bets, ensuring that the game is suitable for different types of players, be it a novice or a seasoned gamer.

The simplistic nature of Betsoft’s Monster Pop game on Shazam Casino does not steal away from its entertainment value. The controls are user-friendly, which ensures an exhilarating and seamless gaming experience.

Bonus Features

  • The Monster Cloner: This feature expands the grid either horizontally, vertically, or both, adding an exact duplicate of the row or column it appeared in, along with an extra wild symbol.
  • Orb Wilds: The Wild symbol is depicted as an orb. It may replace any other monster symbol to create a winning combination.
  • Monster Fury: Triggered randomly at the end of a cascade that did not net a win, this feature allows monsters to clone and offer more chances for a win.
  • Free Spins: Landing 3 or more Flaming Sphere symbols in any position on the grid triggers the free spins round, with up to 17 free spins available.


Monster Pop game by Betsoft provided on the Shazam Casino platform is a charmingly fun and feature-packed game that offers an amusing spin on the traditional slot game. Its bright and colourful theme, coupled with unique gameplay features and bonuses, delivers a monster-packed adventure that's both engaging and rewarding. The Monster Pop game's playful and light-hearted atmosphere provides an entertaining break from the usual casino games, serving up monstrously big wins in a delightful gaming environment. Whether you're chasing the thrill of impressive wins or simply wanting a fun game to pass the time, Monster Pop is a game worth playing.

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