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Let's take a journey into the world of spooks and entertainment with Monster Manor game provided by Woohoo. The Monster Manor, as the name suggests, is a quirky casino game that thrills you with its theme of haunted manors and friendly monsters. Prepare for a fun-filled creepiness and monster themed casino journey. The graphics of the game bring to life unique caricature-like monsters that complement the eerie theme with amusing animations and bright colors, a style that Woohoo is well-known for. The dark and ominous yet aesthetically striking backdrop of the manor encompasses the game's spooky theme perfectly with effective sound effects adding to the atmosphere.


The gameplay for Monster Manor is as captivating as its theme. The game is set on a 5x3 reel grid and offers twenty paylines, a standard format for many modern slot games. The symbols, consistent with the theme, are a collection of caricatured monsters, each more amusing and colorful than the last. This not only adds to the overall visual delight but also keeps a player engaged with its versatility.

The game primarily revolves around the mansion, home to a plethora of cartoon style monsters. The objective is to lineup these winning combinations of these adorable spooky characters across the paylines for enticing payouts. With a higher stakes level, you stand to gain more multipliers which result in significant winnings. Detailed rules and paylines can be conveniently accessed through the in-game menu. The Monster Manor is smooth and responsive to interact with, largely due to Woohoo's top-notch game development and design optimizations.

Bonus Features

In addition to the primary gameplay, Monster Manor also features a few bonus rounds that add an element of mystery and thrill, similar to the legendary Shazam casino games. Some of these are:

  • Free Spin Bonuses: Player can earn stacks of free spins by lining up the correct combinations. These spins come with multipliers that can score you extra big wins.
  • Wild Symbol Feature: The Wild symbol can take the place of any other symbol and maximize your chances of getting a winning combo. Additionally, the Wild symbol can also turn into an expanding wild, covering up entire reels, when the conditions are right.
  • Scatter Symbols: The scatter symbols take things up a notch as you get bonus payouts on landing them anywhere on the reel, not just the paylines.


Monster Manor game by Woohoo offers an entertaining and engaging gaming experience for players seeking a bit of spooky fun, complemented by the chance for serious winnings. The gameplay is engrossing and keeps the pace high with the bonus features that keep things lively. The game's unique atmosphere is sure to be a hit with players who love creative slots with a humorous touch. The overall gaming experience is highly reminiscent of the thrill offered by Shazam casino games.

The vibrant design, easy mechanics coupled with interesting bonus features make it a worthwhile game for any casual player or a dedicated slot enthusiast. Monster Manor attests to the quality of games produced by Woohoo and we highly recommend giving it a spin.

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