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The 'Spin The Wheel' game provided by Woohoo brings an adventurous theme into the world of online casino gaming. This game gives users the opportunity to experience the thrilling atmosphere of a traditional casino right at their fingertips. By perfectly blending a classic-arcade style and Vegas-esque aura, it delivers a vibrant and exhilarating gaming experience. The game's aesthetic is ignited by a dynamic color palette, visual effects, and crisp graphical details.

Subtly embedded in the grandeur of a casino setting - complete with spinning reels, high stakes, and riveting anticipation - is the much-loved, iconic game of 'Spin The Wheel.' Each spin is accompanied by electrifying sound effects that amplify the excitement and anticipation. The game-screen blooms with vivid hues that bring the captivating Shazam casino theme to life.


'Spin The Wheel' game, developed by Woohoo, promises not only a highly entertaining gaming experience but also an uncomplicated, user-friendly interface. Players will find themselves easily navigating through the game, making it enjoyable for both beginners and veteran casino gamers.

The gameplay is simple: Players place their bet on a specific color or number on the wheel. Once the bets are placed, the wheel is spun and players eagerly await the landing of the wheel. If the wheel lands on the player's chosen bet, they win a payout corresponding to the odds of their bet. Thanks to the game's seamless programming and tailoring, 'Spin The Wheel' ensures transparent, fair outcomes with every spin.

Players can test their luck and strategy skills, making the gameplay deeper than just mere luck. Additionally, the interactive game elements and engaging user interface provide a rich gaming experience that keeps players hooked and coming back for more.

Bonus Features

Apart from the basic game, 'Spin The Wheel' by Woohoo also provides numerous bonus features that add a layer of fun and potential earnings to the game:

  • Mega Spin: This bonus allows the player a free mega spin. If landed, this spin could potentially multiply the player's winnings by a considerable amount.
  • Double Up: With this feature, players have an opportunity to double their last win by predicting the outcome of a coin toss.
  • Winning Streak: Activated after consecutive wins, this bonus feature multiplies the player's bet on the next spin, creating an opportunity to win bigger prizes.
  • Shazam Super Wheel: This's a unique bonus feature exclusive only to Woohoo's 'Spin The Wheel' game. When activated, the Super Wheel appears, offering multipliers and extra cash prizes.


The 'Spin The Wheel' game by Woohoo is a remarkable addition to the world of online casino games. It successfully combines the excitement and thrill of a traditional casino experience with the convenience and accessibility of online gaming. The vibrant Shazam Casino theme, intuitive gameplay, and attractive bonus features make it a must-try for every casino game enthusiast.

Whether you are betting for fun or are an experienced player seeking high stakes, 'Spin The Wheel' game will cater to all your needs. With its fair and engaging gameplay, this game guarantees an immersive online casino experience that won't disappoint.

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