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In the expansive array of online casino games, players are continuously in search of the exceptional. Project Space by Dragon Gaming leverages the excitement of interstellar travel, bringing players into the vastness of outer space. This thrilling game is available on Shazam Casino, harnessing the power of stellar graphics and engaging gameplay to take players on an adventure across the cosmos.


The theme of Project Space is realized beautifully, offering a visually stunning game grounded in the endless mystery of space. Immediately, players will notice the rich, high definition graphics that set the tone for this epic adventure. Gaze at distant galaxies, race past illuminating stars, and prepare for encounters with friendly and hostile alien species. The mighty spaceships, intriguing extraterrestrial characters, and other remarkable images perfectly align with the space theme.

Accompanied by mesmerizing soundtracks and sound effects, the auditory experience also immerses players into the cosmic environment. Dragon Gaming has done a commendable job maximizing visual and auditory elements to create a theater-like atmosphere that intensifies the gaming experience.


Project Space isn't just visually appealing - it brings captivating gameplay. It features five reels and 25 paylines, and players can initiate spins for small or substantial bets, accommodating different play styles and bankrolls. The easy-to-understand controls and interface make Project Space approachable for both beginners and experienced gamers, while its complexity and unpredictability keep the game engaging.

An impressive feature of the game is the utilization of special symbols. These include wild symbols that can substitute for other symbols to create a winning combo, and scatter symbols, triggering exciting events like bonus rounds. The game also provides a unique 'Autoplay' feature, enabling players to relax and enjoy the space journey without the must to consistently interact with the game controls.

  • Wild symbols: Starships
  • Scatter symbols: Alien creatures

Bonus Features

Bonus elements play a significant role in making this game more exciting. The free spins round is one such feature, activated by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. This round offers players an opportunity to rack up wins without wagering additional amounts.

Moreover, Project Space boasts a 'Bonus Round' feature that separates it from other online slot games. When activated, this round presents a 'pick and win' scenario where players choose from different options to reveal hidden rewards. This feature intensifies the level of interaction and immersion for the players.


Project Space is a standout creation from the table of Dragon Gaming. Its space theme, bolstered by high-quality graphics and compelling sound effects, immediately captivates and pulls players into a unique cosmic adventure. The gameplay is engaging and straightforward, with additional features that increase players' winning potential and overall enjoyment.

Moreover, the availability of this game at Shazam Casino, a reputable online gambling platform, further ensures a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. Therefore, both novice and experienced slot players looking for a new and exciting game should definitely give Project Space a spin. Let the journey into the cosmos begin!

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