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Reels Of Liberty, by Dicelab, is a standout in the expansive catalogue of Shazam Casino. This review will thoroughly explore the theme, gameplay, and bonus features of the game to help beginner and veteran online gaming enthusiasts alike.


Reels Of Liberty encompasses a deep appreciation for freedom and traditionalism, with an appealing depiction of classic American culture. Patriotic, captivating, and adorned with symbols reminiscent of historical significances, this game by Dicelab assimilates the spirit of independence perfectly. The ambiance echoes with the sound of liberty, delighting the players further, and a superior display of visuals ensures a mesmerizing gaming experience at Shazam Casino.


The gameplay of Reels Of Liberty is both intuitive and immersive. Specifically designed for the patrons of Shazam Casino, the mechanics of the game are elementary yet riveting. The game constitutes a five reel slot mechanism, offering multiple paylines to the gamers. The comprehensive layout ensures ease of use, extending usability to even non-regular players. As the game commences, distinctive icons manifest themselves across the reel and a winning combination instigates a triumph echo, thus amplifying the excitement.

A glimpse into the gameplay key-points of Reels Of Liberty:

  • Easy-to-grasp mechanics incorporated in a sophisticated design.
  • Various payline opportunities available for bigger wins.
  • Special symbols like Wild and Scatter to generate extra wins.
  • Fast-paced and highly engaging gameplay, ensuring an adrenaline rush.

Bonus Features

Supplementing the normal gameplay are the bonus features, making Reels Of Liberty a real gem in the Shazam Casino collections. The game boasts of a free spins feature that gets activated upon landing three or more scatter symbols. Additionally, the wild symbol can substitute any other symbol, drastically increasing your chances of winning.

One more remarkable trait of Reels Of Liberty is its engaging mini game feature. If you are lucky enough to land on the bonus symbol, you're transported to a mini-game that could potentially multiply your winnings manifold. These distinct bonus features undoubtedly amplify the thrill and return rate for the players.


Reels Of Liberty, presented by Dicelab at Shazam Casino, captures the essence of American heritage impressively. The fascinating visuals combined with patriotic audio effects create an inviting atmosphere. Carrying accessible gameplay mechanics and rewarding bonus elements, it caters to both novice players and seasoned veterans. Furthermore, the opportunity for substantial winnings through diverse paylines and enticing mini-games makes Reels Of Liberty a formidable choice for any casino game aficionado.

Dicelab's meticulous construction of this game has engendered a captivating casino experience that upholds the spirit of liberty and freedom. So, if you're on the lookout for a unique, patriotic, and advantageous game, Reels Of Liberty at Shazam Casino should be your next stop.

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