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Scratch Alpaca Bronze is an enigmatic and fascinating casino game from the renowned software provider, Bgaming. Known for its creative integrations in the world of casino games, Bgaming has brought us a fun and exciting game with a fantastic theme sure to captivate a wide audience. Targeted at Shazam Casino players who enjoy an intriguing theme filled with adorable animated alpacas, Scratch Alpaca Bronze has a lot to offer for players who want to experience something different than the regular casino games.

The alpaca theme is combined with the rewarding charm of a traditional scratch card game. The graphics are bold and cheerful, filled with bright, enticing colors that instantly attract attention. The Alpaca Bronze shines on a backdrop of the pretty Peruvian landscape, complete with beautiful mountains, green grass, and a calming blue sky. The detailed graphics add depth to the game and provide a refreshing experience for players. A catchy tune plays in the background that adds a fun and engaging soundtrack to your gameplay.


The Scratch Alpaca Bronze game possesses a simple and highly engaging gameplay that both beginners and veteran players will appreciate. Players start by purchasing a card and then scratch off the silver protective cover to reveal symbols behind. Your goal is to match three identical symbols to win. There are multiple types of adorable alpacas, each one with a different value. The highest paying symbol is the fluffy White Alpaca, which promises lucrative rewards.

The game allows players to choose the number of cards they want to play with, providing an opportunity to increase their winnings considerably. The betting range is also very flexible, allowing low and high rollers alike to enjoy the game to its fullest. The further you adventure into this charm-filled scratch card game, the more thrilling the rewards become.

Bonus Features

  • Premium Symbols: The lucrative Alpaca symbols serve as the premium symbols. Match three of a kind and get impressive payouts.
  • Auto-Scratch Feature: This feature automatically reveals the symbols for you in quick succession, an excellent tool for players who desire faster gameplay.
  • Bet Level Flexibility: Scratch Alpaca Bronze offers an adjustable bet level, allowing players to tweak their wagering amount depending on their strategies and risk level.

While the game doesn’t possess the typical bonus rounds or free spins often seen in slot games, the excitement it offers through its unique gameplay and rewarding quality quenches the thirst for engaging gameplay. The intriguing alpaca-themed symbols promise generous rewards, turning the Scratch Alpaca Bronze into a treasure hunt.


Scratch Alpaca Bronze by Bgaming is a delightful blend of a traditional scratch card game with a charming theme. The game brings a relaxing break from the pressure of high-stake casino games and provides light-hearted fun. With excellent graphics, an appealing theme, and simple but engaging gameplay, Scratch Alpaca Bronze stands out among Shazam Casino’s game library. Whether you're intrigued by the cute alpaca theme or just looking for a different type of casino game to try, Scratch Alpaca Bronze is a refreshing choice.

If you value games with easy-to-understand rules and light-hearted themes but still provide ample opportunities for big wins, then Scratch Alpaca Bronze is a solid choice. So, why not buy your lucky scratch card and join the adorable alpaca's quest for rewards?

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