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Skyward game is a remarkable addition to the BetGames portfolio. Its theme is inspired by the adventurous spirit of flying, transporting the player into a world of endless skies and thrilling heights. The fabulous graphical representation of the clouds and vast blue sky, combined with superior display quality, enhances this adventurous journey and creates a truly immersive virtual experience.

The game plays out on a canvas of enticing aesthetics, serene and appealing, crafted to perfection. It is designed to keep keen gamers hooked, thanks to the captivating visuals provided by BetGames. The luscious imagery of the wide-open sky without any limits perfectly translates across to what gamers can expect from the game: unlimited possibilities and opportunities to win.


The alluring theme of Skyward is equally complemented by its thrilling gameplay. The distinct rules bring a novelty to the traditional gameplay found in other casino games. As one navigates through the azure and beyond, each spin uncovers an array of magnificent rewards.

  • Players are required to choose three numbers from a range of 1 to 50, of which 20 are drawn at random.
  • The cumulative total of the drawn figures determines the factor by which your stake is multiplied. Hence, a high draw will naturally result in greater rewards.
  • Players also have a chance to place side bets, increasing their winnings significantly.
  • Available 24/7, Skyward offers flexibility, allowing gamers to play at any time and place within Shazam Casino.

The game employs an intuitive interface, making it easy for both experienced players and beginners to understand. With the possibility to control the game pace, players can take their time enjoying the spectacular journey to the skies, gathering some impressive winnings along the way.

Bonus Features

Adding to the gameplay excitement, Skyward also incorporates various additional features. These bonus elements play a significant role in ensuring a dynamic gaming experience where any spin could lead to a surging victory.

One such feature is the Multiplier Bonus. Here, landing certain combinations can boost a player's earnings exponentially. Thanks to these lucrative in-game multipliers, Skyward guarantees a thrilling and prize-rich journey.

Moreover, players can benefit from the Skyward Bonus Wheel. At random intervals, this bonus wheel pops up on the horizon, gifting players a chance to multiply their payouts drastically based on the wheel's spin outcome. Each segment of the wheel holds a different potential multiplier, hence adding an element of suspense to the gameplay.


In conclusion, BetGames' Skyward is a captivating casino game that challenges the expected norms of traditional gaming. It pushes the boundaries with its unique theme and engaging gameplay elements. The game's tranquil visuals paired with thrilling gameplay make it an absolute must-try at the Shazam Casino.

Conforming to the high standards of the BetGames catalog, Skyward ensures a promising and rewarding journey amidst the clouds. With the backing of high-quality graphics, exciting bonus features, and the immersive gaming sensation, Skyward by BetGames offers an unforgettable virtual adventure that casino gamers are sure to love.

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