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Step into the intergalactic world of Slot Fighter, a game designed with a distinctive space-themed layout. From the riveting designs of spaceships to visually stunning space battle backgrounds, the theme is unquestionably one of the game's strong suits. You are taken on a visually delightful journey through the cosmos, complete with thrilling graphic effects to make you feel as if you really are catapulted into a fierce space battle.

Urgent Games proves their worth once again by delivering an immersive theme packed with innovative graphics and sound effects. In short, Slot Fighter's theme is a heady mixture of space wars, alien destruction, and graphic marvels that are sure to appeal to all sci-fi aficionados.


Slot Fighter features a very exciting gameplay dynamic. Taking a break from standard slots, Urgent Games has incorporated fight-styled gameplay. Each spin moves you further along in an epic space battle, with wins giving you a power boost to fight enemy forces and losses drawing enemy attacks closer.

The intriguing game play mechanics are easy to grasp, making it accessible for first time players, yet captivating enough for the regulars. Here are the attributes that make Slot Fighter’s gameplay far from ordinary:

  • Progressive Space Battles: Each spin impacts your standing in the space battle.
  • Power-Up Rewards: Certain winning combinations offer power-ups which can be used for increased rewards or to fend off enemy attacks.
  • Accessible User Interface: Despite the complex theme and plot, the user interface of Slot Fighter is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Bonus Features

Slot Fighter includes a multitude of enticing bonus features to keep you hooked. One of the primary bonus features is the "Space Battle Bonus Round". This round is triggered when you manage to destroy an enemy spaceship, giving you an opportunity to win extra payouts.

There are also standard bonus features such as free spins, expanding wilds and scatter symbols to increase chances of winning. Plus, there are unique additional functions like “Rescue Mission” where you can save a stranded astronaut for extra credits, making the bonus features of Slot Fighter innovative and lucrative at best.


Slot Fighter from Urgent Games is a thrilling package of immersive theme, exciting gameplay, and innovative bonus features. It's a breath of fresh air among the standard casino games with its fight-styled gameplay and unique space battle theme.

Even if you're not typically a fan of the sci-fi genre, the lucrative bonus features and easy-to-use interface make Slot Fighter worth a try. Available at Shazam Casino, this game delivers fun and excitement in a captivating space battle environment, making each spin a thrilling adventure. Strap in and enjoy the journey!

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