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Shazam Casino has recently released a captivating new addition to its gaming software library. Brought to you by Urgent Games, the Spirited Specters game captures the thrilling ambience of a haunted mansion in an engaging and interactive casino game. Here are the detailed insights of the game.


The Spirited Specters game develops a chilling but enchanting theme, centered around a haunted mansion and its ghostly inhabitants. This is not just your regular casino game; it's an intense, auditory-visual gaming experience that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The phenomenal graphics provide the players with a spooky ambience that is immersive, engaging, and remarkably realistic. The chilling soundtrack dripping with eeriness perfectly complements the graphics, ensuring you remain soaked in the spectral mood of the game.


The Spirited Specters game operates on a 5-reel slot system, featuring 20 paylines that ensure your gaming experience remains versatile and refreshing each time you play. It adopts straightforward gameplay for the benefit of both seasoned players and new entrants, ensuring that you can dive straight into the action without needing a transitional period. Among the symbols pertinent to wins are the ghastly specters themselves, as well as other thematic elements like haunted portraits and creaky chandeliers.

  • The control panel of the game allows you to increase or decrease your bet size at will. This gives you a strategic advantage, as you can adjust your bets according to the progress of your game.
  • It also includes an autoplay feature, letting players couple convenience with excitement. You can set your desired number of spins and watch the reels do the work.
  • The game also comes with a fast-play option for those seeking a quick, thrilling gaming session. Just another feather in its cap while ensuring it caters to a broad spectrum of players.

Bonus Features

In addition to its alluring theme and fluid gameplay, the Spirited Specters game also presents players with several captivating bonus features. The most notable among these is the 'Phantom Free Spins' feature, which is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Free spins don't just add to your chances of winning, they also come paired with exciting multipliers that boost your winnings substantially.

Another stellar bonus feature is the 'Ghostly Wilds'. This random feature transforms standard symbols into wilds, creating more opportunities for you to secure wins. Each wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol (except scatter), opening new avenues for victory.


The Spirited Specters game from Urgent Games is a solid addition to Shazam Casino's array of high-quality casino games. It offers players an extraordinary blend of mesmerizing graphics, an immersive theme, and riveting gameplay mechanics. The bonus features are especially appealing, providing players with surprisingly lucrative opportunities.

This eerie and yet intriguing casino game has set the bar for themed slots. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual spin on the slots or hunting for the thrill of gigantic wins, the Spirited Specters game is an excellent choice.

Step in and let the game guide you through an unforgettable journey in the eerie corridors of the haunted mansion. Remember, in the Spirited Specters game, every spin could be the one that lands you a fortune!

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